The Beta Launch date between the 1st & 12th of Feb!

We love walking in the Countryside.

We love walking in the Countryside.

The launch date has been a long time coming!  We have set a date now, that we are all working towards and hopefully this is an achievable date!

Setting up a website like ours always throws up some surprises.  Some of the the things that you learn can only be experienced by having a large number of Members online.  Our first program of testing started with just a handful of pals, I remember posting the first Pawfile, it was quite exciting at the time.

Now we have over a hundred Members and over 400 dogs online! and we haven’t yet opened to the public.  It was Impossible and unfair to choose who helped us, so we just let the Members on the site Invite their friends as we needed more numbers.  There are lot’s of great pals from the old dogphoria that we have really missed and soon, we can all be together in our purpose built home!

Very soon the doors will be opening!!!

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