DP Calendar of Events for February

February is an exciting month for us!!

February is an exciting month for us!!

Check out our busy month ahead, the biggest in our short history.

First we move to our new home and we all have a little time to settle in and set up our profile pages .  This is important because  the site will basically be empty and we will have to breathe new life into it!

Before we know it the doors will open and all our old dp can start streaming through the doors.   We will start off with a big launch party, we are having a special chat party room installed just for the occasion.

Then before we know it, Valentine’s will be upon us and we start off with our annual gift exchange, f ollowed by the pawty of the year, the Valentine’s Ball.  This is where we all dress up and have a ball of course.

After all that excitement, we then have our ‘Meet the Pawrents’ weekend, where we will be posting pictures of our pawrents and meeting the ones we already know and also getting to know our new pals and their pawrents.

February will be exciting and we can’t wait to see you all having so much fun!

Be My Valentine!

3 responses to “DP Calendar of Events for February

  1. Pawrents Weekend? Great name! Can’t wait!

  2. pomeranianmama

    Feb 15th is our mommys birthday!!!

  3. Visit our main website, it’s a pet lovers social community, you can share pictures and stories about your fantastic pets! Dogpawfile.com

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