Tonka Toys Real life Horror!!

"You have one tough little pup there" Dr. Lutzman said!

"You have one tough little pup there" Dr. Lutzman said!

Christmas was only a few days away.  Mom stopped at the butcher to pick up some last minute things and a huge cow knuckle for me. My Christmas treat!
It was in the middle of the night, I had to go out. I bugged Dad a little but he just shewed me away.  I went downstairs (which I never do) and Mom heard me. She got up to see what I was up to.  I was sick.  Not knowing any different, Mom just thought I had an upset tummy. I still wanted to go out.  Mom watched me and noticed that I was trying to go but couldn’t. I was crying, and panting trying to find the right spot. Nothing!  She called me in and noticed how uncomfortable I was. Then I was sick again. It was a yellowish colored foam.  I again, wanted to go out. There was just a lot of whimpering and crying but with no results.  I was sick yet again.  This time it was a brown liquid, with a very offensive odour.  Mom immediately called the vet and off we went.
I was poked and probed, and had pictures taken.  The x-ray showed a large mass in my colon causing a blockage.  But the damage had already begun.  The blocked colon is the cause of the vomiting.  My system had already begun to shut down from bile poisoning. My blood levels were highly toxic with a high calcium level.  The large mass in my colon was all the little pieces of grizzle, cartilage and bone that my body didn’t digest. Emergency Surgery!!
As the tech’s prepped me for surgery, Dr. Lutzman pulled mom aside and told her the worst news ever!!!…..”He’s not doing very well at this point. He is very dehydrated, has extremely low blood pressure with an elevated heart rate, which makes for putting him under anesthetic that much more riskier.  He might not get off the table.”  My mom just fell to floor. I could hear her crying as they took me away.
The mass was broken up with medical instruments and then removed from my rectum.  The bone fragments did a lot of damage to the colon and the lining of the rectum. Then all the bile came gushing out!! Four litres of poison!!  Dr. Lutzman came out and said to mom that I had made it through the surgery, and now we just have to wait.
“Wait!?? Wait for what? she asked.
“To see how much damage has been done internally.” He answered.  “All of his major organs, the liver, bowels, pancreas …  shut down, stopped working.  They purify the blood and break down the food for digestion, remove toxins and send things on their way.  When they shut down, that poison pools in the body which can cause further problems.”
I was in the hospital for three lonely nights hooked up to an IV. I wasn’t eating very well so they let me go home for a better recovery. I was on a special diet “yuck” but mom fed me by hand which made it a little better.  My butt was shaved bare, how embarrassing.  My front legs and neck were shaved as well.  (They couldn’t find a vein) I looked silly … but mom didn’t care!!! I was home with her. “The hair will grow back” she said.
The colon is going to take a long time to heal, so I bled quite a bit. Mom had to show great love during this time … following me outside and examining closely anything I left behind.  She had to make note of everything about it to inform the doctor of my progress. All seemed good.
Three weeks later I went back to the doctor’s for a check up.  He poked and probed and took more pictures.  “You have one tough little pup there” Dr. Lutzman said. “He’s pretty lucky to have pulled through this.  He has some scar tissue on the colon but it is minimal and shouldn’t be and issue.  Watch his diet and NO bones, rawhide or pigs ears !
Yup I’m one lucky pup! I have my mom and Dr. Lutzman to thank for that!
Tonka Toy

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5 responses to “Tonka Toys Real life Horror!!

  1. Loren & Affie

    Tonka, we love you man!! So glad you are here with us!!♥♥♥

  2. Handsome Tonka, i loved u + ur loving mommy who showed so much love to u. I was very ill + my lump removed fm my stomach is A massive toxic, Praise God it was found earlier.. i am not myself for days. God Is Too Good For Us ❤ howling!!! *dancing with joys*

  3. Tonka Toy, I am sad you had to go through such a horrible experience, and it must have been pure hell for your mommy and daddy, but I am so glad you made it through and are here with us today.. I love looking at your handsome face! lickety licks xoxo

  4. Twinkle & Skye

    Thank God Tonka! We hope you are feeling all better now. ♥♥♥

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