Tiny Girl’s Dogpawfile Pawtraits

Tiny Girl’s Dogpawfile Pawtraits

Tiny Girl’s Dogpawfile Pawtraits

They say every face tells a story. It’s as true of animals as it is of humans. Here at Dogpawfile, the animals have assumed certain personalities.

We know who protects us and guards us, who makes us laugh, who says the sweetest things, who is coy, who is shy, who dances with joy, and who can fly – literally.

Our Dogpawfile family includes dogs, cats, birds, miniature horses, and even fish. We are from all over the world, from Spain to Indonesia, from Wisconsin to New Jersey. And we know that behind ever whiskered face or winged crest is a unique story. Where did each pet come from? How did they find their “furever” families? What are their likes/dislikes? What are their problems, their joys? Just who are these Dogpawfile family members?

Mr Khan The Gentle Giant - Reveals All To Tiny Girl!

Each week, Dogpawfile Pawtraits will shine its light on a separate Dogpawfile member, and reveal all!

This week, get to know Mr. Khan, Dogpawfile’s gentle giant.

If you you would like to appear in our Magazine, then contact Mr Khan or if you would like to specifically be interviewed by Tiny Girl and appear in ‘Tiny Girl’s Pawtraits’ then please contact Tiny Girl direct via the site’s Pee Mail system.


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  1. Visit our main website, it’s a pet lovers social community, you can share pictures and stories about your fantastic pets! Dogpawfile.com

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