Do You Know That Grapes and Raisins Are Bad For Your Dogs Health?


Do you know grapes and raisins are injurious to the dog health? The raisins and grapes do cause acute gastritis followed by acute renal failure (Kidney problem). Within few hours of eating grapes, the dog will develop various symptoms that ranges from vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia (refusing food).

If your dog develops these symptoms, immediately seek an appointment from a vet. Why did the grapes cause the dogs to become ill? Nobody can give the proper reason for this grapes illness in dogs. Some of the vets thought the pesticides used during raising grapes would cause this problem. But the grapes that were grown in the fields where no anti fungals, fertilizers or insecticides had been used on the fruit also caused serious illness among the pets.

Treatment Getting well a dog that ate grapes is not a Herculean task for a vet, if it is brought in time. i.e. in the first stage of symptoms noticed. Affected dogs should be secluded and maintained in a hospital for complete check up. They should be provided with intravenous fluids for a minimum of 48 hours. The dog blood chemistry should be monitored thrice daily for three days to see any elevation in the Blood Urea Nitrogen, hypercalcemia and creatinine and phosphorus. If there is no evidence of change in blood picture, you can take back your pet with no fear of grape toxicity. If your dog showed an elevated value, it should be placed under fluids followed by administration of medicines that will increase the urine flow. Even peritoneal dialysis also being advocated in serious cases.


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