McDonald’s Restaurant – A Funny Story about Sammy!

Sammy loves being in his tent!

Sammy loves being in his tent!

I received this in the dogpawfile mailbox today and I just wanted to share it with you!  It’s a funny story about Sammy, formerly known as Sam Iam!!
Yesterday evening I stopped at McDonald’s. I have a SUV and Sammy  (Weimaraner) goes  everywhere with me. It has sliding windows on the sides, and I lock the doors but his windows stay open. As I was coming out headed back to the SUV, I saw two teenage boys standing next to the SUV on the drivers side Sammy’s  window). One boy had a large box of fries in one hand, and he was teasing Sammy  with a french fry in the other hand. He would hold it out and when he start to take it, he’d snatch it away-and then they’d both laugh Sammy  has a very mellow and easy going personality that gives no hint of how fast and agile he really is (he’s fooled me many times too). After about the third time, just as I came up to the SUV——-faster than you could blink——he’s reached out, grabbed his whole box of fries and jumped in the back seat, out of reach.  The boy stood there in dumbfounded shock as I got into the van. I got in, and the boy  said “Hey, your dog grabbed my french fries!!!!” I said “Yup.” and drove off. 

Sammy ate french fries and I laughed all the way home …Maybe McDonald’s  should make Dog HAPPY MEALS..
Thank you to Sam’s pawrents for sending us this great story!

4 responses to “McDonald’s Restaurant – A Funny Story about Sammy!

  1. Now thats a story with a happy ending!!! Way to go Sammy!!!

  2. Ahhaa..hahhahahahaha… You Are Always My Loving Bros, i think i got to copy to my file to share with my furiends for it is NOT YOUR FAULT… since the boy offer you…. heeheeeee…. We take No Chance when there is an offer BOL!!! Howling!!!! *dancing with more JOys*

  3. Twinkle & Skye

    Yayyyyy for Sammy!!! Good Job! ~~this has had mama laughing for hours…. ♥♥♥

  4. OMD!!! THat is too funny!!! GO SAMMY!! WE LOVE YOU! 🙂

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