Meet The Pawrents Weekend 21st to 22nd February!

Meet Mimi's Mom!

Meet Mimi's Mom!

Later this month we are going to have a weekend with a difference!  A weekend where we will actively be encouraging you to post pictures of your Pawrents, whether they like it or not…bolbol

This will be a weekend like no other, because we will be meeting the typist’s of all the pups that we know and love!  and of course all the pictures must still have you lovely pups

Meet the Marjorie.

Meet the Marjorie.

in them…wink!

We will of course give you all plenty of notice to get your pictures ready and we will advertise the weekend  as soon as ‘The Great Valentines Weekend’ is over.

We usually always try and keep the dogs and pets as the main feature in the pawfiles but this time we want to switch roles and get to know the Pawrents!  Have you ever wondered who knits all those wonderful clothes for Amber fire water?  Well hopefully on the 21st & 22nd February, our pawrents will throw away their shyness and let us get a chance to know a little about themselves.

We will of course have launched the site to whole wide world by then and we should have many new friends on board!  This will be a great way of getting to know new and old friends alike.  It’s always good to put a name to a face!

If this goes down well then we would like to make it a yearly date in the DP calendar.

Please start taking your pawrent pictures in time for our great event.

Thank you!


2 responses to “Meet The Pawrents Weekend 21st to 22nd February!

  1. Woo hoo! Great weekend too because our mom gets to meet Chopper and his mom (if all goes as planned) so we will have lots of pictures!! =)

  2. This is a great idea! Cool! But Mommy doesn’t like her picture taken! Too bad! I’ll find some pics of her for you! Woof!

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