Everyone Can Find Peace at Loren’s Chapel!

You will find peace at Lorens Chapel located in the Forum!

You will find peace at Loren's Chapel located in the Forum!

God is working today!! We’re very proud to introduce to our wonderful site, our very own virtual chapel! Some of you might think well, that’s good and all, but I don’t really need that or know how to use it.

Well, we’ll all learn together how to use it, there’s no certain way, there’s not a right and wrong or a formal protocal to follow. It’s just about God, Love, Prayers, Praise, and Family. You know maybe you just might want to go by and thank God, for our new home and all of those who made it possible.

God is not just about church or rules, He loves us and He would love to be involved in our daily doings. He made us for companions, and sometimes, He is probably very lonely.  Oh yes, He hears us when we cry out to him, and He’s quick to pick us up and at times. He even saves us from things we don’t even know about, but what about when we are happy and okay. Do we really invite God to be with us then? He would love to be asked to join us on a picnic, or when we’re here on Dogpawfile laughing at silly pictures.

You see God is our Heavenly Father, He needs us, we are His children. He longs for our attention and affection.  So why not come on over to our forums and spend some time with Him, thank Him for all that you have, and ask Him, what can I do for you Lord? Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell Him you love Him!

Hope we all can use it and be there for one another. It’s always a blessing to hear about answered prayers and see how God is working in our lives, and there’s great music there too. So many of you have been such an inspiration for this, and you probably didn’t even know, thank you!

Thank you so much to Loren for setting up this great area for us all to visit and find peace!

You can locate Loren’s Virtual Chapel by visiting the dogpawfile forum. This is for our community, prayer requests can be made, words of praise can be written, and tears may be spilled and wiped away.


5 responses to “Everyone Can Find Peace at Loren’s Chapel!

  1. that is beautiful reading! mummy and me will join (we have been meaning to but have been soooo busy lately. pawmise we will this weekend) xoxox

  2. Twinkle & Skye

    This is the bestest thing yall. There is a power of prayer here ’cause last year i had liver disease and right to the hour before the surgery the final tests revealed my numbers had normalized. It was because my mama & daddy prayed with all their might and because many of our long-time friends here prayed for this little Shorkie… Everypawdy’s prayers were heard and Jesus made me better. My doctor and surgeon said it was a miracle!! and it is ~Loren, was one who prayed for me… it is pawsome what happened. Me and Skye are dogs for Jesus! ♥♥♥

  3. !
    I Heard a great voice out of heaven saying
    Behold the tabernacle of God is with men
    He shall dwell with them and they shall be His people
    And almighty God will be with them

    He shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
    There shall be no more death
    Neither sorrow, nor crying, and no more pain
    The former things are all passed away

    He that sat upon the throne said,
    �Behold, I make all things new�
    He said unto me, �Write these words
    For they are faithful and true�

    It is done (4 Times)

    He is the Alpha and Omega
    The Beginning and the End
    The Son of God, the King of Kings
    Lord of lords, He�s Everything
    Messiah, Jehovah
    The Prince of Peace is He
    The Son of Man, Seed of Abraham
    Second Person in the Trinity

    Grace and Peace

  4. Ellie and Bella

    Loren this is a wonderful idea, we often pray for our pals and their families when they are going through sad times, and now we have a special place on here to do that. Thank you so much and God Bless you. xoxoxox

  5. I am just bowled over by this forum. It’s got my approval all the way! Thank you Loren for setting this up. Bless you

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