The Scoop behind the DP Awards!

The DP Awards came just before the Oscars!

Sunday was supposed to be the day that we opened our doors to the World but instead it was a much more exciting event!  We decided that instead of us all just waiting for the server move, we would have some fun!

Over the weekend the DP faithful started posting tribute’s to us for setting up the site for everpawdy and in particular Maddie & Bailey posted a fab slideshow of everyone showing us love and thanks!  So we decided on Sunday that it was time to give some of that love and appreciation back!  We decided to hold 2 events at the same time.  The first would be the DP Awards where we would thank pups who had helped us in different areas, not just the site.  Then we would host a FULL Blown Oscar Ceremony, where the members could vote for their favoites! but first it was our first ever DP Awards!

First out was Tiny Girl   – Best Editor award for the DP Magazine, Tiny showed in her first article why she does this for a proffesion! Then came Twinkle & the Special K’s who won the friends of DP Award, they won this becuse as well as what they do on the site, they always support the forums and our Magazine!  Then came most sociable dogs Harry & Mimi, well anyone who knows them, knows this is so true but again A special mention needs to be made for Mimi, for her support of other parts of the site.  Backstage Director went to Spottie, now I would imagine many pups thought that one a surprise, because they would not know what Spottie & Emilly do for our site, they are the behind the scenes peacemakers and they send out tutorials and welcome letters to most of the new members and I am in constant contact with them via emails!  Big Hearted Pup Award went to Loren, well enough said!! but seriously Loren has set a Chapel in the Forums for everyone to visit and you could not wish for a nicer pup to tell your troubles too!! Best Supporting Awards went to the unrplaceable Wisconsin Mutts and Maddie & Bailey, they are our site Moderators as well as for the forums plus the Genius part was added for M&B’s fantastic design work making the Forum what it is today! The Loyalty award may have seemed a little obvious because it was for Ginger, but honestly we have had our moments…bol and I can tell you that Ginger is my ROCK!!!  The Hall of Fame award and Humanitarian Award went to a very special three some!    They were a massive part of dogphoria and they are a massive part of this site, why?? because they are so nice!!  They are helpful, just look at what they do!! they are Therapy Dogs and proud of it! The last Award went to Buster & Lily, why did we choose to honor them for being the first members? well here’s why!  While we were putting all the ideas together, I used to get loads of emails asking if Buster & Lily could help test the site! They kep’t emailing me and asking if they could help in any way possible!  I though ok and they became the first ever Members. Since joining they have tested my patience!…bol to the point of also having the honor of being the only pups ever to get a strike from us!!….. but I must say that their attitude towards any constructive critism by us, has been comendable!  They are always polite and well mannered and a credit to themselves and all teenagers!  Well done to all the winners, oh and by the way Buster & Lily, that strike has be recinded….wink


2 responses to “The Scoop behind the DP Awards!

  1. Thank y’all for these sweet surprises! We have such a wonderful home!!

  2. Thank you for Dogpawfile our Furever Blessed Home that i can go International!!!! I LOVE YOU DOGPAWFILE + for all the hards work!!! Howling!!! *dancing with more joys*

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