Twinkle “Poetry in Motion” by Tiny’s Pawtraits

Twinkle looking pretty with a pink bow

Twinkle “Poetry in Motion”

More often than not, Fate brings animals and people together. For Twinkle, a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix, and her owner, Lynn, from Gulfport, Mississippi, it was a matter of divine intervention. “The month before Twinkle came home, the impossible happened,” Lynn said. “Poppy died. I did not want to enter a future without her. The hands of time dragged me forward anyway. Every tick of a tock distanced me from my little girl. People were surprised, critical of us taking Twinkle into our hearts so soon. They don’t understand that it is because we love Poppy so much that we had to love another.” Poppy, a beloved 13.5 year old Shih Tzu, had been Lynn’s “soul-mate.” The loss was understandably difficult, and Lynn and her husband decided to wait a year before adopting another pup. One afternoon, however, Lynn and her husband found themselves searching the internet, debating whether they wanted another Shih Tzu or a Yorkshire Terrier in the future. Fate, or the Divine, stepped in. The couple stumbled upon an ad on the Sun-Herald website: “Shorkie Female – Beautiful female CKC Shorkie (dad 3.5 lb Yorkie…Mom 6-7 lbs Shih Tzu), almost 4 months, approximately 4-5 lbs. She has been started on potty training, sleeps at night in the bed, complete lap puppy. She wants nothing more than to sit in your lap…” Lynn was smitten. “My husband left me staring into the monitor,” Lynn remembered. “I wanted her; tears leached out from my raw emotions. I heard him speaking in the other room. I went to him. He was on the phone getting directions. Next, we were driving toward our Shorkie girl. It was love at first sight – in retrospect, perhaps even before, but immediately I gave her a mother’s heart, gathering her into my arms.” As her husband drove home, and Lynn cradled her new pup, the Heavens inspired the little Shorkie’s name. “Stars glittered in an indigo sky,” Lynn said. “My husband, surveying this beauty as he took us across the back bay bridge said, “Twinkle. What do you think of that for her name?” I liked it, of course, but not wanting to give up a more thoughtful consideration, replied, “Let’s think about it.” The following day, Lynn tried out a few names on her new baby. “First, Maggie; she barely noticed,” Lynn said. “Secondly, Tallulah; she just looked at me like she was waiting. Then, Twinkle. She stood up, wagging her tail, tossing her head, ears flying, eyes sparkling, and barked – the first time I heard her voice. And so it is that my little girl, who was previously named Bailey by her breeder, and then Coco by her transient owner of two seeks, came into her own. She is Twinkle, and this she knew all along.” As is often the case, however, the newspaper ad didn’t tell the whole story. Twinkle was sick. She suffered from pneumonia, ear infections, a persistent case of worms, and wounds inflicted when she was carried around by larger dogs in her previous home. Lynn and her husband cared tenderly for Twinkle, who is now healthy, and will turn two years old on May 11th, 2009. “She has no health problems for which we are beyond grateful,” Lynn reported. “There was a nightmarish time when it was believed Twinkle had a liver shunt or liver disease. It was pre-surgical tests done for her spay that revealed off-numbers on her liver enzymes. Then she had a peculiar episode, ruled as a possible seizure. Our vet referred her to an internal medicine doctor, an expert in the field of liver diseases in Louisiana. After an ultrasound and more tests, we decided on exploratory and possible repair surgery.” The Divine delivered a miracle. After further tests, it was discovered that Twinkle did not need the surgery after-all; her liver enzymes were fine. “Twinkle is beautiful,” Lynn said proudly. “She is adorable, melting our hearts with just one look. Twinkle is a magical fairy princess, who has returned light and love, color and joy to our lives.” The little princess begins her day at 5:30 in the morning when her Daddy kisses her goodbye, and heads to work. She then enjoys her morning cereal with her canine brother, Skye, and her kitty sister, Mewsey. Her day is spent playing with her wubba and soccer ball, rough-housing with Skye, napping, or sitting on the back of the chair while Mom does housework or works on the computer. 3:00 is supper time. When it’s time for Daddy to return from work, Twinkle listens and waits expectantly for him. Twinkle is closest to Daddy; she is Daddy’s little girl. “When Daddy calls during the day, Twinkle knows his ring-tone, and often gets to have a little talk with Daddy,” Lynn explained. “She recognizes the honk of the car as he locks it, and begins his walk to the door, where he always finds his little girl waiting.” This is Twinkle’s favorite time of day; she loves to sit on the floor and play fetch or puppets with Daddy. Twinkle enjoys the balcony, car trips, and walks. She greets humans and other dogs enthusiastically, enjoys playing with Mewsy, and has a “special camaraderie” with Skye. Lynn believes she has taught Twinkle what love is. And Twinkle shares love generously. “Twinkle is our little girl,” Lynn said. “I love her with a mother’s love, as though I bore her into this world myself. Twinkle is a beautiful soul, a vulnerable child with a warrior’s heart. She is truly a God Wink for us.” Lynn explained why, in her view, the word “poetry” best describes Twinkle: “I chose this word to describe Twinkle because of the form she has given my life, and the sonnet eloquence of her own.”


12 responses to “Twinkle “Poetry in Motion” by Tiny’s Pawtraits

  1. This was a great story and so pawfectly written. It made me cry & laugh! I absolutely adore Twinkle and her life story. My wonderful BFF!! xoxo

  2. Twinkle & Skye

    Thank you with all my heart & soul for writing this, Annie ~its beautiful~~ ♥♥♥

  3. That was so beautiful! Mommy has tears in her eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your story. This was wonderfuly written! xoxo

  4. This story is amazing and and we love you all so much! I love to hear family stories thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. The Colorado Canines

    We LOVED this story! Another happy ending for a Doggie who needed a good home and owners whose hearts needed mending. Twink is poetry, and this story was an ode to the true happiness that dogs can bring to our lives. Beautiful!

  6. Oh we are so woth everyone else here!! Great writing Tiny Girl and Anne. Also FABULOUS story with a happy ending Twink! Thank you for sharing it with us!



  8. Special K's and Mom

    Twinkle Girl we always knew you were Special, and the way you have healed Moms heart and made it happy again has allowed us to be part of your family too … This is a pawsome story and beautifully written … Thank Dogness for Twinkle and Mama, We Love you both !!

  9. Sweetie Twinkle♥ I am always thankful for u to get to know u more as i experience. It Is by God’s Grace your mom Lynn she is just like me sent to Mom after my belated bro Bobbie A Mongrel’s put to sleep in Cancer…. i love ur more Twinkle, not the writer who get the credit it is the your mom Lynn♥ love for us doggies… I LOVE YOUR MOMMY AS MY MOMMY… God Blessed Furever. Amen

  10. What a fabulous story and very well written! It was joy to read and great to hear how you got your name Twinkle! well done dad!! xoxox

  11. Twinkle & Skye

    I will treasure this article about Twinkle always ~thank you ♥♥♥

  12. Ellie and Bella

    This is a wonderful story and so very well written, well done to everybody involved. xxxx

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