Dog Gives a Boy His Voice Back! – After 6 Years of Not Speaking!

Marc Oliveri gives Boo a hug in return for its help

Marc Oliveri gives Boo a hug in return for its help

After a soundless period of six years

After not saying one word for six years, first grader Marc Oliveri got his voice back with the help of a Delta therapy dog. Unresponsive to any kind of stimuli, coming either from the doctors or from his close ones, the boy opened up to a canine, much to the astonishment and overjoy of those who were on the verge of giving up on any chance of recovery.

“Selective mutism”, the condition that he seemed to have developed, is not very uncommon in children, especially in school, where some of them feel withdrawn or uncomfortable. Only that Marc, although he “seemed happy to be in school”, per his teacher’s words, cited by CBS News, wasn’t talking anywhere, not even in the safety of his home surrounded by family. All this, despite the fact that repeated visits to different doctors led to the same diagnosis, that is, that there was nothing wrong with him. And just when his parents were about to lose all hope, their son’s teacher came up with the idea of bringing Boo to class.

Boo is a Delta therapy dog and besides gaining the attention of the entire group of children with its tricks, it also managed to trigger something in Mark because that day he went home and for the first time in six years he went to his mom to tell her about his day at school. The teacher kept on bringing Boo to class twice a month and April, the boy’s mother says that now he talks almost constantly which can only prove the positive effect the dog had on Marc.

This sudden impulse to speak that Boo set off in Marc is all the more fascinating for both his family and the doctors, who found it very difficult to understand, given that it is still unknown what caused his six year silence in the first place. But it goes to prove what others have repeatedly stated, and that is that animals do have an important role in helping improve, if not actually cure, certain conditions, thus stressing the importance of having them around.

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6 responses to “Dog Gives a Boy His Voice Back! – After 6 Years of Not Speaking!

  1. What a sweet story.

  2. Twinkle & Skye

    The Healing Power of Dogs is amazing and a blessing. One thing i noticed in this article immediately is this caption: Marc Oliveri gives Boo a hug in return for its help ~~~~~notice Boo is referred to as an IT ~~~ i hate this! Boo is a WHO!!! He has a soul! …♥♥♥ referring to Dogs or other species as ITS goes against my grain…

  3. The Colorado Canines

    Lovely story! WE hope that Marc’s pawrents get him a doggie of his own. It could only lead to good things….as we all know!!!

  4. Carolyn(The AFKL)

    How wonderful!

  5. AMEN!! I have been saying this for, ahh, almost two years now!! LOL!! And, I hear you Lynn, I don’t like the “it” word either. I’m so glad to see that working animals are finally being accepted, but it’s like any other issue, it takes time.

  6. What an amazing story, we hope they buy him his very own pup! xoxox

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