A Very Valentine’s Story – My British Boyfriend by Twinkle

Harry is a charming young English Pup!

Harry is a charming young English Pup!

My British Boyfriend

I suppose Harry and I are quite a number. We are together at all the pawties and visit one another at DogPawFiles nearly every day.

Harry lives in the UK so people and doggles alike are curious when they find this out. Fur one thing; they wonder how this kinda long distance relationship can work. They wonder how my being an American southern belle influences our relationship.  After longer than a year of proudly being Harry’s gal, I’m happy to bark: it works just fine Yall! In fact, berry berry well. Fur one thing, we see each other nearly every day here at DogPawFile. I just love discovering what he’s been up to, how he spends his days. Harry is sooooo berry Handsome, I always feel all swimmy just lookin’ at him. And he is a gentleman. This is berry impawtant to moi ~it appeals to my Southern belle sensitivities. Everypawdy knows Harry loves mud ~have you noticed how he handles it with such aplomb?! His devil-may-care jaunty look into the camera lens goes right to my heart, he is irresistible. He’s like James Bond! Oh my lil heart just goes pitter-patter thinkin’ about him!

The lady who does my hair thinks it is sooooo cute that I have a boyfriend, and is berry impressed he is British. The people in the apartment office were amazed that I have a boyfriend in England. They are pea-green with envy! So I’m American and Harry’s British. There is not that much of a culture gap. We watch all the shows from England that we can, mama just loves so many actors and actresses who are British… actually mama wishes she could move to England and just live there furevah. She enjoys a nice hot bubble and squeak fur dinner and in the kitchen there are a couple canisters with Big Ben on them and a towel with a map of England. And I am half Yorkshire Terrier!!! Harry is berry sporty, he supports the Newcastle Football Club, soccer to us. Now, would you believe it, I like them too! ~And would you believe mama and I went to their site and watched them play. WowZA they are pawsome!! And I have a team shirt Harry gave me that I just love!! Bolbol Oh Harry makes me beam, just the thought of him is a delight, let me tell you! Now, I want yall to understand when I first fell in love with Harry I did not know he was living so far away…but with the magic of cyber-travel we can be together every evening on DogPawFile. Plus I can do some other stuff because I’m a Magical Fairy Princess and Harry gave me the pawfect dress to wear for casting charms. Have yall evah listened to Harry’s music player? He always has the best line-up of music! We are crazy fur it ~mama wonders how he finds such good stuff ‘cause we don’t hear it here…unless we listen to Harry’s player. Gigglez ~~ I’m a berry loyal girlpup, I will always love my Harry Dahlin; it was love at first sight.

So, what is it like for lil moi, Twinkle Starr, to have a boyfriend in England? I’M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY! ~And that’s the way of it at Twinkle’s

We thank Twinkle for this enchanting article, it sure helps us celebrate Valentine’s Day!


8 responses to “A Very Valentine’s Story – My British Boyfriend by Twinkle

  1. AWW! What a sweet story. Pawsome for Valentine’s Day!! xooxx

  2. Oh Twinkle, that was great!! You reaaly captivated us with the spirit of love on this special weekend!!

  3. How gorgeous, little Twinkle! It sounds like true love – you two are a match made in heaven. What a pawfect story to read on Valentine’s Day xoxoxo

  4. Twnk…..I love it. As you would say,my mammies head is leaking right now. That was lovely suprise. I love you with all my heart for ever xxxxx

  5. What a wonderful love story, very well written twinkle it warmed our hearts! xoxoxox



  7. Twinkle & Skye

    Awwwww Thank you everypawdy fur reading my article! I’m so pawlesed yall likes it. ~~Harry ~i ♥ you Dahlin! xoxox

  8. The Colorado Canines

    What a wonderful love story!! We all enjoyed it immensely! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

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