Valentine’s Weekend! 2009

What a great event!!

Wow, what a pawsome Valentine’s weekend!  Thank you all for making it all so wonderful!

Maddie & Baileys Gift Exchange was a great success with pressie’s travelling all round the World, from Europe to the US, and the US to New Zealand and visa versa!!  There were lot’s of happy faces…bol  Valentine’s day, sure was full of love with everyone wishing everyone else a great a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  There were many beautiful pictures and blingee’s and slide shows and even a Jib Jab!!  We also remembered some of our extended family that could not be with us, such as Ellie’s boyfriend Max, but they still managed to exchange Valentine’s cards and pictures on the day.


Mr Khan & Ginger Arrived Early

The biggest event of all was the 2009 Dogpawfile Valentine’s Ball, we have talked about this for months and it was a great success! The morning started off with Plum posting a picture of her fabulous Bronze Limo that they had hired for her date with Tex.   Then Tiny posted a pawfile of her outfit and soon everyone followed!  Twinkle & Harry and Skye & Tiny Girl all posted pawfiles of their fab outfits!  Then in true Pecodee style he drives up in a super cool American sports car with the lovely Angellee beside him!  Then the Special K’s made their grand entrance followed by a fashionably late Amber Fire Water Gang!! Brad had to shoot off and catch the waiting Bubbles before he  appeared on stage doing his warm up act!  All this was going on in the pawfiles!  Harry & Twinkle both posted separate pictures of their outfits and Moose turned up with his Susie on his arm! Mr Khan and Ginger rolled up in a black Bentley.  Then the Pawty started, Brad was singing Heaven Must Have Sent You in one room and then the doors opened for pre drinks in the cocktail lounge!

30 Min’s later, the Grand Ballroom doors opened and in piled the pawty revellers, each one had to quickly

Plum & Tex danced wonderfully!

Plum & Tex dancedwonderfully!

get used to the controls of the chat room.  Brad & Harry where having a real fun time posting funny smilies…bolbol and disco lights and other gadgets that came with the chat room.    It really was a night for the ladies  Ginger, Bubbles, Tiny, Twinkle and the Special K’s were all leading the Karaoke, singing such classics as Y.M.C.A and the Love Shack.  Then Peco took to the stage and sang Strangers in The night, everyone took their partners and danced on the dance floor. The Special K’s did not look pleased early on because they were waiting for their dates to arrive but after a few Sangria’s and the arrival of Amber fire water they soon started really enjoying themselves.  The pawty was now in full swing Mr Khan & Ginger were dancing away, Brad did a little breakdancing to everyone’s laughter…bol  As the night progressed some of the ladies were feeling a little worse for wear, Ellie was slurring her words  & Tiny had to sit down and have some water and Ginger went a little green…bol

The Wisconsin Mutts were ripping up the dance floor with their cool disco moves!  Lot’s of pups showed their faces and had little cameo appearances!  Harry seemed very impressed with Twinkle’s Avatar…bol but Tiny Girl’s Avatar was a little green frog waiting to be kissed by her Prince!  The night soon grew to a close, we all had our slow dances and sang our last songs and finished off all the Tapas & Paella & Sangria!  We were just closing the doors and Peco joked that he wanted the silverware!!  Thanks for a great time everyone…YOU GUYS ROCKED!!!

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5 responses to “Valentine’s Weekend! 2009

  1. The Colorado Canines

    It was great fun for all and once again we have to thank the gang from Alicante for hosting such a smashing pawty to celebrate Heart Day!

  2. Twinkle & Skye

    Thank you Alicante gang and everypawdy ~it was a Bestest Time!!!!

  3. Oh it sounds enchanting!! I wish I could’ve been there, thanks so much for the article, it helped me fill in the blanks!! ♥

  4. Awww sounds like everypawdy had a fab time! Sorry I missed it – was just bad timing with mummy having to go to work just as the pawty was starting. Loved reading about it though xo

  5. It was great fun!! Only another 12 months to wait for the next one…bol

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