The Move Went Smoothly! Well Almost!!

The Dogpawfile Camper was full to the brim with pups!

The Dogpawfile Camper was full to the brim with pups!

What a 10 day stretch we have had, first the Oscars then the Valentine’s Weekend and then the move to our new server!  The move was by far the most stressful…bol but Dad said it was worth it!! heehee

For nearly two weeks Dad was told that tomorrow would be the day!  but then a spanner would be thrown into the works!  most, if not all our problems can be laid down to mix ups with the server people!  but finally we were told that today really would be the day!  So we put up a message to say so!  Then while togetherness was testing the site for the final time he posted a picture of a random pup and the Top 10 started working and one of the pre planned pictures said that we were open!

So pups started signing on and togerthness was not expecting this, we managed to send a message out asking everyone to stay off the new site, but some pups thought we meant the alpha site…bol so emails were flying around everywhere, to let pups know that we meant the new site !Cuba, 1st Unofficial Dog Of The Day!

Then in the final three hours or so, we had everything in place and the programmer tests the Dog of the Day picture! with one of the pups who had signed on earlier under his radar and unexpectedly Cuba becomes the the first unofficial DOTD!!!  Just to let everyone know Cuba nor anyone else did anything wrong by signing up that day because at times it did look as though we were open!

We have managed to get most pups over ok, but still I keep seeing some activity on our Alpha site…why I ask my self!!…bol


2 responses to “The Move Went Smoothly! Well Almost!!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    gigglez ~~its been an adventure, one we’ll always cherish!

  2. BOL! i had to go back to the site and check out what activity had been going (never one to miss out on anything! BOL!) there were two comments for me! BOL!

    WHEW we made it guys! Can you believe it??!! 😀

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