NFL May Allow Vick to Play, Many Teams Interested

By Christine Taute

Supervised by Maddie and Bailey

When you hear the name Michael Vick, what is your first thought?

Dog torturer, murderer. To the NFL, its dollar signs.

This aerial photo taken April 26, 2007, shows dog pens located near a home then-owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Vick was at a dog fight in 2000 and is “one of the heavyweights” in the sport, ESPN reported. Police raided the rural home shown here, in April 2007 as part of a drug investigation. They seized 66 dogs, 55 of them pit bulls, and equipment that could be associated with dog fighting. (AP Photo/The Virginian-Pilot , Mort Fryman)

Vick is scheduled for release in May-July for his involvement with The Bad Newz Kennels. He was found guilty of federal felony dog fighting conspiracy charges and is serving a 23 month sentence. It is known that Vick and others killed the dogs by various methods, including hanging, drowning, and electrocution, and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground. That the operation and gambling monies were almost exclusively funded by Vick. “It’s part of our culture as country boys to throw dogs into a pit and watch them shred each other to pieces, fighting to the death, while wagering ginormous sums of money on the outcome”. This was Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback, Michael Vick’s explanation for having 66 dogs on his property along with a dog fighting pit and voluminous piles of equipment used in the blood-sport on his property in Virginia.

The Atlanta Falcons are going to let Vicks contract expire, and he will be able to sign with another team as a free agent. This is outrageous. How could they let such a “thug,” for lack of a better word, play in the NFL? Some will say well they allow other players stay on far worse incidences. True, they do. However those wrongs don’t make this right. I can tell you one thing; if Vick is allowed to play I will be canceling my Sunday Ticket from DIRECTV and stop all support for the NFL and its biggest sponsors. I hope you all will join me in this and contact the NFL and the teams interested in Vick. Let them know we will not stand for a person such as Vick who tortured and murdered numerous dogs because they did not perform to his or his buddies’ standards, to play for any team in the NFL.

Picture provided by the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Credit: Deanne Fitzmaurice/SI

Uba now lives with his adoptive mom Letti De Little — and a cat named William. When a team was gathered to evaluate the dogs that had been seized, they were surprised at the dog’s behaviors. No more than a dozen were seasoned fighters, and few showed a desire to harm anything,

There is a bright side to the story. These innocent dogs that were tortured, beaten and almost starved have found a new lease on life and are in loving environments. These beautiful animals will love, lick and play with little worries of there past, Vick however will be haunted by these dogs the rest of his life. We can learn a lot from the Vick dogs, and their caregivers, if we choose too. They are the pinnacle of hope and perseverance, love and forgiveness.

To read more about the Vick Dogs and where they are now you can go to;

They also have a blog with lots of stories and updates! (Think they might like Dogpawfile?)


12 responses to “NFL May Allow Vick to Play, Many Teams Interested

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    It is my humble opinion that Vick ought to be blacklisted from all teams… he deserves more prison time; i’m sorry to see he is being released even sooner ~he is scum.

  2. Michael Vick should be doing 20 years instead of 2. He’s a man of no compassion. He has set his course and will pay for his actions in this lifetime and after. He deserves to lose everything he has for the torture and murder of innocent dogs. These dogs who were sacrificed for his own entertainment and profit. He is no American hero. He is hands down one of the biggest losers the world has ever known. For those of you who are still fans after this tragedy…you all need your heads examined. I deeply hope he never makes another dollar….that he never finds love…and that he never finds fulfillment as a man. People like this don’t change. Yes, he will say he found God in prison and he will tear up on Oprah’s couch, but it will just be a ploy to get back in the world’s good graces. He will not be a changed individual. He is just a cruel man who had to do some time at a Summer camp. He will be an old dying man one day and I shiver at the thought of the hounds of hell who are waiting to meet him.

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  6. all you people are crazy. the man is in prison for doing more time than some people do for killing a person. get a life people ok. he was found guilty. he is dong his time for this society. i am retired navy and i know countries that eat dogs. it is not right but that is life i dont want anything to happen to dogs, but vick is only one man in a world of many that treat dogs like this. he is paying his dept to society ok. if you delete this comment this is not a reputable web site and should be shut down, because all opinions should be heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Paying your debt to society means being released from prison or jail. It doesn’t mean you are rehabilitated or deserve to return to your former status. Visualize Vick’s crimes in your mind. If your aren’t revolted seek help immediately.

  8. chickenman

    Last time I checked our correctional system in the USA was based on the idea of rehabilitation. Mr. Vick has served the time required by our government and is now ready to become a member of our society. To deprive him the opportunity to turn his life around by resuming his NFL career is counterproductive and goes against everything that our country is about. If he does get a 2nd shot at the NFL it would be idiotic for people to stand outside stadiums and protest the fact that he once was involved in a dog fighting ring where heinous acts were committed against dogs. Why not picket every Rams game on behalf of human rights because Leonard Little killed someone in a DWI accident and then got busted for DWI a 2nd time? Bottom line is that Michael Vick’s past involvement in dog-fighting has nothing to do with his NFL career and he should be allowed to resume his career without PETA yahoos trying to get some cheap publicity. Hey, I’m a dog and cat owner and I approve Michael Vick’s reinstatement to the NFL.

  9. Tony Thomas

    Michael Vick is human like anyone else.He deserve a chance to make a living for his family.Get off his back he did jail time that’s enough nothing else lost millions of dollars.I have family members and friends in the NFL say they will welcome him back.One last thing a man in Desoto TX shot and killed two pitbulls for getting on his property he will face no charges now that Aint right.

  10. I absolutely agree with the reinstatement of Michael Vick. He was that electric QB that every football fan would enjoy watching, Falcons fan or not. He brought excitement to football games he played in and that is why so many people liked him. It’s not like he was continuously in trouble day in and day out like other players that are out there. His life outside of football was not something people followed or even cared about until this point. Some people are just ridiculous with how much they want to see Vick suffer. The man did his time in FEDERAL prison, had his money taken away, and now his life has DRAMATICALLY changed. What more can you ask for to see that he has suffered enough when it was probably more of his thug friends than him? His punishment was served and with no problems so I don’t see what else he owes anyone.
    Do you have nothing better to do than to worry about dogs and pets your whole life? Quit being a hater and live your own life. Stop worrying about people and their lives that have nothing to do with you. Remember you OWN a dog and call it your PET. You BOUGHT it. Give me a break and stop acting like pets have equal emotions as humans do.
    Sammy you should check yourself out before you hate on someone so much. You seem to not care at all about another human which makes me think you need YOUR head examined. 20 years instead of 2?!? Okay relax there. As for us “fans”, I am a fan of his work on the football field, whatever someone does off the field is not my concern since I am not judging their play on their moral character. Referring to “federal prison” as “summer camp” too? LOL, go spend some time there and tell me if it brings back any memories of playing kickball and eating ice cream.
    On to PETA. PETA is just straight up bs. They are a BUSINESS like any other big organization! They are in it for money and publicity. Their ads are ridiculous; signing models and stars to pose when they know it’s just to expand their group of drone followers. I mean cmon, they think riding on a bull is cruel and vegetarian is the way to go. Meat has been part of human’s lives since the existence of man so that is just absurd and stop trying to change history and the way we live when entertainment and sports were started in Rome when a lion against man was the main attraction. I’m done.


    check this out pet lovers.

  12. I also would like to know where that quote in the main article came from. It did not come from Vick’s mouth so stop making stuff up. So weak.

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