We’ve all experienced things that we can’t describe in words. A sunset. Freshly fallen snow. A cardinal’s crimson color. The deep love in a pet’s eyes. Such moments stir our hearts, and plant a sparkle within. These moments are the “Twinkle Effect.” Come, join us each month, as our very own resident poet, Twinkle, shares her poetry and prose, and allows us to partake in “The Twinkle Effect.”

To Twinkle

For a cookie,
Would you come?
Will you play?
Will you stay?
Chase the blues away?

For a cookie,
Would you dance?
Do a twirl,
My little girl,
And let me be your Mama?

For a cookie,
Would you share looks?
Our minds, open books.
Our life, one story.
Our moments, one reflection.

For a cookie,
Would you snuggle?
Share a cuddle?
Be my beating heart,
Living each day with me?

For my heart,
Would you do
All I need you to,
Which is be here
For cookies always?

© Lynn Korbel


4 responses to “

  1. Great poem! And yes, I would do anything for a cookie!



  3. Great Poem Twinkle!!!

  4. Twinkle & Skye

    Thank yall so berry much ~my lil paw is gettin’ all inky! ~gigglez ♥♥♥

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