Pawfile Pawtraits: Brady Bird


Brady Bird

Ontario, Canada

Owners:  Sharon & Ron

Playful and gentle by nature, cockatiels are the second most popular pet bird. Weighing between 2.8 and 4.4 ounces, these small parrots love attention, and form strong bonds with their owners. Native to Australia, cockatiels are famous for their whistling and singing abilities. While they can learn to talk, they prefer to whistle, and mimic common sounds. Thus, a cockatiel can be a delightful, companion pet. But if the bird in question is Dogpawfile’s own Brady Bird from Ontario, Canada, then he is much, much more than this. Brady Bird is an exceptionally beautiful, animated, lovable family bird.

Born on September 23, 2006, Brady Bird was purchased at a pet store. When Sharon, Brady’s soon-to-be owner, first saw him, she thought he would make a wonderful addition to her family. Sharon named him “Brady,” Gaelic for “spirited.” The name, Sharon says, suits him. Like most domestic birds settling into unfamiliar surroundings, Brady was frightened of his new home. “He was scared of us at first, and would just shake all the time, and wouldn’t eat,” Sharon said. “We finally got him to eat a little bit of apple, and within a few days, it was like he was always with us.”

Brady adapted well to his new family, which included Sharon and her husband, Ron, and their sons, Bry, Mike, and Josh. Currently, Josh is the only son still living at home, and Sharon reported that Brady loves Josh a great deal.

“He has a special chirp that he only makes for Josh,” She said. While cockatiels tend to bond strongly with one member of the family, Brady has affection for all. Sharon reported that Brady loves her best “for scratchies,” Daddy “for hanging out,” and Josh “for their special male bonding time.”

Like most birds, Brady is afraid of sudden, loud noises, and like many cockatiels and budgies, has suffered from bacterial infections.

“He has had a lot of bacterial infections, and had to take medicine for them,” Sharon said. “Right now, he is off medication, and just has to be careful and drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar to try to keep the infections from coming back.”

Brady loves attention, and loves to play with boxes. You can watch his antics with his “box toys” on, where you can also hear Brady whistling the theme song to the 1960s Andy Griffith Show.

“He learned to whistle Andy Griffith just by Daddy whistling it at him a lot,” Sharon explained. “He also can do Happy Birthday, and O Canada. He also poops on command, which is very handy if you don’t want to wear it!”

Brady Bird spends a lot of time outside his cage. After awaking around 6:30 am, Brady sits at the table with his Daddy, often sharing a banana, or a enjoying a bit of broccoli, while Mommy cleans his cage. Brady shares a breakfast of cheerios with his buddy, Josh, and then hangs out with his Daddy until Daddy leaves for work. Brady stays in his cage, listening to the radio, from 7:45 am until 4:00 pm, when he rejoins the family outside the cage until around 7:00 pm.

Brady, Dogpawfile’s resident, self-proclaimed “bird-dog,” is a colorful addition to Sharon’s family, and to our own Dogpawfile family. He is loved, and loving.

“When I get home from work,” Sharon said. “I can hear him calling me before I even get in the door. It’s great to be appreciated! And he gives lots of birdie kisses, usually when he wants his scratchies. It’s pretty adorable. He is also really smart, and extremely entertaining.”

That’s for sure! Take a peek at Brady’s happy life at Just type in “Brady Bird,” and let this beautiful, gentle creature bring color, song, and mirth to your day!


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