Meet Khia!


Siberian Husky Mix
“Laid back”
Owner: Kimmy

Khia, a Siberian Husky from Minnesota, is a special dog, and not just because she has eyes of different colors.

Khia came to live with her “furever” family via pet adoption, and joined her family on July 29, 2006.

“My family had been looking for a dog,” Kimmy, Khia’s owner, said. “I had been doing a lot of research on, and the humane society website, and such. I finally got my parents interested in the idea of getting a dog, so we started going to different adoption events at PetSmart. Khia was the third dog that we were seriously interested in. She was with the Homeward Bound Dog Rescue of Minnesota. She was one of the last dogs we saw there, and we fell in love with her. The next week they were having another adoption event in Maplewood, Minnesota, and that’s when we took her home with us.”

Despite being uncertain about getting a dog, Kimmy’s Dad bonded with Khia, and the two are now inseparable. Khia begins each day with a jog alongside Dad, then breakfast, followed by a morning nap. According to Kimmy, Khia likes to “get up to mischief” during the day by sneaking onto the forbidden sofa or recliner. Khia rides in the car with Mom to pick Kimmy up from school, then spends time outdoors, and ends her day with dinner, and keeping Kimmy company while Kimmy works on the computer.

Khia doesn’t mind the car ride to meet Kimmy at school. In fact, a car ride is Khia’s favorite thing.

“Sometimes, if Mom or Dad are cleaning out the cars, and the doors are open,” Kimmy said. “She will jump in and just chill in there! Even if they aren’t going anywhere, she still loves to just sit in there.”

Khia loves a car ride, but isn’t particularly happy when her destination is the vet’s office.

“She is very fearful of the vet,” Kimmy said. “When we bring her there, we have to have someone come out and pick her up, because once she gets to the door, she will not budge!”

Despite recent stitches resulting from being bitten by a neighbor dog, Khia is a healthy dog approximately four or five years old. She is intelligent, and quickly learned the rules of the household. Khia is not permitted upstairs, or on the sofa or recliner.

“She’s at war with Dad,” Kimmy joked. “He’s set up all these crazy mechanisms…but that doesn’t stop her. She also goes on the new recliner, which she is also not allowed on! Other than that, she pretty much fit in from day one!”

Kimmy and Stef enjoy teaching Khia tricks. “Paws on my arm” is a special favorite.

“What she does is put her front two paws on one of our arms that is extended out…and she gets rewarded with a treat, of course!” Kimmy explained. “Other tricks she knows are sit, shake, lay down, stay, crawl, and dance. Another one of her favorites is shake. After she got her stitches in, she was a little loopy. When she came into the waiting room, she saw me, and she sat down in front of me and kind of stared at me like she was trying to remember how to do something…and then she lifted up her front paw to “shake,” and I took it. It was so cute.”

Khia obviously enjoys pleasing her family, which includes Kimmy, who regularly smothers Khia with hugs and kisses, Kimmy’s sister, Stef (who is away at college), and Kimmy’s parents.

“Khia had a tough life before meeting us, but now she is with her forever family,” Kimmy said. “And she’s here to stay.”

Khia’s “bag of tricks” and her beautiful eyes are not the only reasons this Siberian Husky mix is special. Khia is special because she was the answer to a generous young girl’s desire to love a dog, and because Khia freely gives love in return.


6 responses to “Meet Khia!

  1. Pawfect story about a pawfect girl!! we have lot’s in common with you Khia, i jog with dad most mornings, and we chill in the back of the car and we hate the trip to the vets!!!

  2. PAWSOME ARTICLE!!! Thank you, Tiny Girl!



  4. You Family Weally Make the Right Decision to Give You A Blessed Furever Home for you deserved it well for being too Charming!!!
    Howling!!! *dancing with more joys*

  5. Awwww beautiful! lovely to get to know you and your family better, Khia. i am so happy they gave you a loving home after your tough start to life xo

  6. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    We loved this article and now we know Khia and family so much better. Well done!

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