Midway, Georgia
“Daddy’s little boy”
Owners: Don and Christine

Pets give us unconditional love, and when they know they are loved in return, they strive to go “that extra mile” in a show of appreciation and affection. Sometimes, as in the case of Bailey, the Schnauzer from Georgia, that extra mile includes matchmaking…and saving a life!
Bailey was born on August 17, 2001. His “Daddy,” Don, first spotted him at the Uncle Charles Flea Market in Killen, Alabama, and purchased him from Juanita of Meeks Puppy Patch. Bailey was almost three years old when he first met his “Mommy,” Christine. After moving from New Mexico to Georgia, Christine was living in the same trailer park as Don, and dog-sitting her mother’s Schnauzer, Tina. Christine had seen Don around the park; one day, when she spotted him walking Bailey and Bailey’s “brother,” Rowdy, Christine decided it was a good time to take Tina for a stroll as well. Tina and Bailey hit it off, as did Don and Christine, who recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary!
Bailey, the matchmaking pup, originally named Scooter for his tendency to scoot backwards across the floor, is now a healthy, “sturdy,” seven year old.
“Bailey had to get used to his big brother, Rowdy,” Christine said. “Rowdy was a Dachshund, and would pretty much let Bailey get away with murder as a puppy. Bailey loves to go for rides! He will sit with you, and watch the cars, or curl up, and go to sleep. Bailey hates thunder, gun shots, and fireworks. He shakes all over, and tries to find a place to hide. Bailey guards the house while we are at work, and takes care of his little sister, Maddie. If we are home, they pal around in the yard, watch the squirrels and birds through the window, and at least once a day, get to chase a cat out of the yard.”
From a young age, Bailey and his brother, Rowdy, traveled with Don in his big rig.
“It’s safe to say that Bailey has probably peed on at least one tree in every state!” Christine joked.
On cool days, passersby were often amused by Bailey’s habit of laying on the driver’s armrest, and licking the windows until ice appeared, and then licking off the ice. Bailey is “Daddy’s boy,” a title he lived up to when he literally saved Don’s life.
“One night on the road, Bailey became a hero,” Christine explained. “Don had an eclectic heater under the bed in the sleeper (of the rig). Well, it shorted, and started to catch the underside of the bed on fire. Don would have been overcome by smoke if Bailey had not been there. Bailey scratched and dug on Don’s chest to wake him. Bailey was so intent on saving his daddy that he scratched so hard he drew blood. He was able to wake Don, and he then put the fire out. If Bailey had not been there, Don and Bailey would have perished. So Bailey is our little hero.”

This little hero’s life, as Christine explained, has been full of “love and loss.” Four years ago, Bailey and Rowdy were separated when Don was stop-lossed. As he prepared to go to Iraq, Bailey remained with Christine, and Don’s family took Rowdy. Good news, and bad news, followed. Don did not go to Iraq after-all, but on his way home, he called with sad news. Rowdy, who had some food aggression and biting issues, had bitten Don’s mother, and broke her pinky finger in two places. Consequently, Don’s parents put Rowdy down. Don was understandably upset.
“His parents decided to put him down and not tell Don,” Christine said. “I guess because of the stress with going to Iraq. It was a sad day, indeed, but there is a happy ending. A few short months later, Maddie came home.”
“In the span of a year,” Christine summarized. “Bailey moved to Georgia, met his new Mommy, lost his big brother, and gained a little sister. Now he is happy, and is the man of the house when Daddy is not here. You would never know that four years ago, his life was turned upside down.”


6 responses to “MEET BAILEY!

  1. Maddie and Bailey

    Wow…thank you so much for writing this, its wonderful!



  3. Twinkle & Skye

    oh my goodness! It is so nice to know Bailey, who is Just Wonderful and thank God for him. …my heart hurts for Rowdy though… ♥♥♥

  4. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    Well, how wonderful is this…a hero among us! We love the Schnauzer breed at our house and know how protective they can be of the humans that they love. We lost our precious Felix in 2007 and could not bear to have another Schnauzer (then), but we did get Bubbles, our Schnauzer hybrid. She is just as protective and we love her so. Thanks for sharing this lovely bio! xxxxxx

  5. Mr Khan and Brad

    What a great story and Bailey is such a life saver! xoxoxo

  6. Loren & Angie

    Awww Bailey, you are so special!! I love this story y’all are a precious family! And oh so loved!!

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