Meet Nina!



Pit Bull
Berwyn, Illinois
Owner: Illiana

There are those who mistakenly believe that all pit bulls are aggressive and dangerous. Though twelve year old pit bull Nina has experienced her share of “rough stuff” (she survived a stabbing in 1997), Nina is a sensitive, loveable dog.

“I call Nina a warrior because she fought for her life,” Illiana, Nina’s owner said. “She has been through hard times, but survived it all. She made it through everything without a scratch – but only a stab!”

Nina, obtained from a breeder, shares Illiana’s love with four pet guinea pigs: Shyshew, Patches, Mousey, and Teddybear.

When Nina first met the guinea pigs, she was curious.

“Her reaction was: who are they? What are they? Can I sniff them?” Illiana said.

Illiana, the guinea pigs, and Nina are now one big, happy family, but Nina is most attached to Illiana, and Teddybear, Illiana’s very first guinea pig. Teddybear and Nina share similar coloring, which Illiana suspects has led Nina to believe Teddybear is her baby.

Obtained from a breeder, Nina craves attention. Her typical day involves playing, perhaps with her favorite toy, “Mr. Bong Bong,” or sleeping. Nina often seeks out the smallest sliver of sun in which to sunbathe. Illiana taught Nina how to “high paw” upon command, and used carrots to condition the guinea pigs to walk in circles. Nina likes to eat ham, though can’t eat too much of it, and like the guinea pigs, Nina is afraid of a police car’s siren.

In addition to hip problems that have slowed Nina down a bit, Nina has allergies, and suffers itchy, red eyes and skin when she comes in contact with grass; her dry, tender skin wrinkles after a bath.

Illiana named Nina after one of her best friends, who sadly passed away. Obviously, Nina is a sensitive, caring companion to a sensitive, caring owner.


3 responses to “Meet Nina!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    Oh Nina! We love you bebe!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    Nice story…Nina is such a sweet Pal! Loved getting to hear more about her and her family!

  3. Nina is a great dog!!!

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