Meet Max!


Border Collie
Franklin Park, Illinois
Owner: Sissy
“Lovable, crazy!”

Sometimes, you just have to have faith. And when it comes to finding that one very special pet, and providing a loving home, faith is all the more important.

Just ask Sissy, the young owner of Max, a two year old border collie (who will celebrate his third birthday on July 7th).

“When I asked for a dog, my parents told me I had to be older, and more responsible,” Sissy said. “I did extra chores, and got good grades, and my Dad let me search for a dog. I wanted a border collie because I was a fan of “Little House on the Prairie,” and I loved Bandit, the (Little House) family’s border collie. I searched for a long time, and found a doggy named Tuxedo. I fell in love with him, and I called his owners, but they didn’t respond. I searched everyday for another dog, but I still wanted Max. One day, in the mail I got a free necklace that said “Believe” on it, and the card said “An angel is watching over you.” The next day, Max’s owners called us, and my Mom set up (a day) for when we were going to get him! I was so happy to have my first dog!”

Max settled into his new family (of Sissy, her twin sister, Mom, and Dad) with ease, and is now most attached to Sissy. Though Max was appropriately named Tuxedo due to the markings on his neck, Sissy renamed him Max after her cousin’s dog. According to Sissy, Max was an energetic puppy who was “addicted to chewing.” Max chewed the family’s chairs, and the stairs! Thankfully, his chewing habit ceased as he grew older.

“Max loves all the humans,” Sissy said. “He thinks of us as a herd; he always protects us. We also have a turtle named Archie. Max loves her! He is very gentle when he’s around her, and he likes to watch her. We also have five fish which Max enjoys watching.”

Max suffered from skin problems, and used to pull his fur out, which caused scabs. The vet diagnosed allergies, gave Max a shot, and cream to apply to his “spots” everyday. Max loves affection, and being with his family. He also loves food, “from the smallest crumbs to the biggest of meats,” and posing for photographs. A typical day for Max is spending time outside, and then cuddling with his family, and playing tug-of-war before going to sleep. This bilingual pup, who understands words and trick commands in both Polish and English, entertains his family by walking on the treadmill, and balancing cookies on his face. Other than being fearful of thunder and fireworks, Max is a “happy-go-luck” doggy.”

“He’s really a spoiled doggy!” Sissy said. “He has his own seat in the car, his own seat by the dinner table, over thirty-five toys. He gets treats all the time, Christmas presents, and birthday pawties!”

Little Bambi was found in traffic on the streets of Chicago.

Little Bambi was found in traffic on the streets of Chicago.

Thanks to the kindness of his wonderful family, Max now has a little sister named Bambi. Earlier this week, Max’s family found a homeless, frightened twelve-year old chihuahua, and did not hesitate to rescue the little dog from the dangers of life on the street. Perhaps the angel that had been watching over Sissy, and led her to Max, was also watching over Bambi, and guided Sissy to the dog in need.

As Sissy knows, you just have to have faith, and “Believe.”


3 responses to “Meet Max!

  1. This is a really great story! he knows polish, how cool is that!!



  3. Delightful!!! What a beautiful family! xoxox Believe ~an angel is watching over you ~~~love this!

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