Scientists Engineer Glow-in-the-Dark Pup!

AOL News Report (April 24) – Bioengineering is going to the dogs.
A team of South Korean scientists has created the world’s first fluorescent puppy, according to New Scientist magazine.

By normal light, Ruppy looks like any other beagle puppy. In ultraviolet light, she glows red. She’s the first transgenic puppy, meaning she was created with some genetic material from another creature — in this case, cloned cells that include a red fluorescent gene sea anemones produce. Researchers from the Seoul National University in South Korea released the photos this week.

The cloned beagle, dubbed Ruppy, which is short for Ruby Puppy, made her photographic debut on Thursday. The four-legged experiment looks like a normal pup in daylight, but under ultraviolet light she glows red.

The odd effect was created by cloning cells that include a red fluorescent gene that sea anemones produce.

Ruppy is transgenic, meaning she has genes from another animal. Scientists said they hope this will pave the way to model human diseases in dogs, whose relatively long life-span could make them better study subjects than other animals.
While scientists have created other animals that glow, Ruppy is a first for canines. The magazine said scientists also created four other beagles that share her same red trait.

Byeong-Chun Lee of Seoul National University in South Korea lead the team that created the dogs. Stem cell researcher Woo Suk Hwang was also part of that team. Hwang has come under fire for fraudulent work with human cells, but he also helped create the first cloned dog, Snuppy, and an investigation later validated the dog experiment.
One scientist called the glowing puppy an “important accomplishment.” But another dog geneticist doubted the experiment’s value, calling the developmental process “laborious, expensive and slow.”

Scientists have engineered this glow-in-the-dark pup.

Scientists have engineered this glow-in-the-dark pup.

Editor’s Comment: I am one animal lover that finds this atrocious. There’s no need to bio-engineer a glow-in-the-dark puppy. Animals are not toys. Research is beneficial, I know, but creating a glowing puppy crosses the line. What do you think?


8 responses to “Scientists Engineer Glow-in-the-Dark Pup!

  1. The Petz Of America

    That is a dumb idea! they should be trying to make a eco frienly car fuel! poor puppy! Why are these stinky scientist wasting their time on this! SAVE THE WORLD!

  2. What a waste of money! or are they up to something else!



  4. The AFKL & Carolyn

    That is just WRONG.

  5. i am outraged ~but then, China’s culture has no regard for dogs…absolutely none. Human-kind needs to see the beauty and perfection in God’s creations ~~~AND NOT MESS WITH IT!

  6. Baby, Angel, Trinity, and owner

    That’s mean. This expirement is a living breathing dog, not a toy. Plus there could be side effects that haven’t shown up yet. They could kill this puppy just to make it glow!

  7. Glowing Things are Cool!

    I want one!

  8. This kind of research is taken from a scientific world and then ordinary people throw general ideas at it. The glow in the dark puppy is not the over all success of this story. The idea is to be able to better understand and manipulate DNA. I know that it seems harsh to do this typt of test to a poor little puppy, but if this success could possible lead to a way to change “bad genes” suck as cancer then i say go for it.

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