World’s Oldest Dog Celebrates Another Birthday!

Chanel is reportedly the world's oldest dog.

Chanel is reportedly the world's oldest dog.

Reuters NEW YORK (May 6) – Chanel, the world’s oldest dog, celebrated her 21st birthday on Wednesday with a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records and a visit to a dog hotel and spa.

The dachshund, a rescue dog from Port Jefferson in New York, wore an orange sweater and red goggles as her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, accepted the award marking her longevity.

The dachshund Chanel turned 21 Wednesday. That’s 147 in dog years, making her the oldest living canine on the planet, according to the Guinness Book of Records. She celebrated with a spa trip. The previous record holder, Butch, died at the practically biblical age of 28, which is 196 in dog years.

“Chanel is the Guinness world record holder for the oldest living dog,” said Jamie Panas, a spokeswoman for Guinness.

The record authority reviewed a veterinarian’s certificate, statements from four witnesses and photographs to verify Chanel’s age, Panas explained.

Chanel became the world’s oldest dog following the death of Butch, the 28-year-old former record holder, in 2003. Though visibly nervous and shaking at times, Chanel posed for photographers as she sat on a red mini-sofa.

Shaughnessy said Chanel tires quickly, wears goggles for cataracts when she is in the sun, and booties to cushion a benign tumor on her hind leg.

“I just take good care of her,” said Shaughnessy, 51, who cares for Chanel with her husband, Karl. “I treat her like a person.”
Shaughnessy got her pet from a shelter when the dog was six weeks old. Although Chanel could run miles in her younger days, now she suffers from joint problems and spends most of her days at home.


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  1. Happy Birthday Chanel! xoxoxox

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