Meet Maddie!



Miniature Pinscher
Midway, Georgia
Owners: Christine and Don

Nobody can deny that our pets inspire us! Maddie, the Miniature Pinscher of Midway, Georgia, so inspired her “Mom,” Christine, and her “Dad,” Don, that the couple created an adjective to summarize their pup’s personality: “Dingles.”

“Dingles,” according to Christine, is her family’s word for “dingbat and goofy.”

Born September 12, 2004, Maddie has a “Hollywood connection.”

“I am an Angelina Jolie fan,” Christine explained. “And I liked the name Maddie, when I heard that’s what Angelina called her son Maddox for short.”

Christine went online to find a middle name for Maddie’s papers, and came up with Madeline Etta, which means “magnificent little one” in German.

Christine had been thinking about getting Bailey, her Schnauzer, a brother or a sister, when Don left for work in Tennessee. In Tennessee, Don visited Juanita, a breeder friend.

“When he went through the door, there was our little fur baby!” Christine said. “Don said she was just carrying on, having a good old time bouncing around in her cage, and trying to get the water bottle that was empty on the top of her cage. Don made a comment about how goofy she was, and Juanita’s reply was simple: `She is just the dog for you.’”

Don snapped a photo of Maddie, and sent it to Christine. Christine fell in love instantly, and called Don to tell him she wanted the dog. In appreciation for all the business Don had sent her way, and for the couple’s friendship, Juanita gave the pup to Don at no charge.

“This is when the adventure really began!” Christine said.

While Don was staying with his sister in Tennessee, Maddie enjoyed the home’s fireplace, and stretched out for hours by the fire, simply playing with a bottle cap. When it was time for Don to return home, he rented a car, and headed to the airport. Maddie found the perfect seat in the car: behind Don’s neck!

“She was so small that she climbed up and lay down behind Don’s neck and the head rest,” Christine said. “I wish I had been there to see that.”

What was a peaceful trip to the airport changed as Don and Maddie passed through security.

Maddie took off!

Thankfully, Maddie was apprehended by another passenger before the daring pup could get very far. Once on the plane, Maddie made certain that the other passengers knew of her presence.

“She fussed in her carrier,” Christine reported. “Kicking her butt up, and growling.”

On the plane, Maddie made certain the passengers knew she was there. She fussed in her carrier, kicking her butt up and growling. Don patted on the case and later in the flight opened the case on his lap so Maddie could poke her head out. During a layover at the airport, Maddie, still fussy in her carrier, attracted the curious stares of other travelers. Once again, Don opened the case so Maddie could poke her head out, and look around. Her appearance was met by surprised comments: “Look at those ears!”

“Needless to say, her start with us was full of excitement and adventures!” Christine said.

At home, Bailey did not know how to react to his new sister. Who was this little lady? He wondered. Was this a sister, a playmate, or…a sweetheart?

“He didn’t know if we had brought him home a girlfriend or a sister,” Christine joked. “He tried to…how do I say this…be really friendly with her. We put a stop to that real quick. But after that first night, they were the best friends, and he protects her.”

Though Maddie and Bailey are the best of friends, and Maddie loves her “Daddy,” she is most attached to Christine. Maddie is “Mommy’s baby girl.”

Despite being allergic to the antibiotic Rimadyl, Maddie is a healthy four year old who loves Dingos, and spends her days laying in the sun until she is panting! She is fearful of new people, but once she gets to know a person, she loves them forever. She even has her own personal valet: Bailey, who cleans her eyes everyday!

“Maddie is the first dog that I could call my own,” Christine said. “She and Bailey have taught me a lot.”

This little “dingles” pup is all-inspiring.


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  1. Maddie and Bailey

    Oh wow!!!!!!! This brought a tear to momma eyes!!!



  3. Very nicely written!

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