Meet Tiny Girl!

This week, Tiny Girl turns the Pawfile Pawtraits column over to Auntie Lynn, Skye, and Twink. Auntie Lynn is our guest writer this week, as she reveals Tiny’s story!

Lynn, Twink and Skye tell Tiny's story!

Lynn, Twink and Skye tell Tiny's story!

All Tiny Girl ever wanted was to be loved, and to love. She was born for this. Tiny is a happy, little girl living a most excellent life with her family in New Jersey, where she is cherished, and kept safe.

This hasn’t always been so, for against all that is right and good, it was not how Tiny’s life began. When Tiny was very young, she was tattooed with the number 29. Her identity became that of the 29th female pup who would be victimized by the cruelty of forced breeding in a Texas puppy mill. Loving touches, clean bedding, freedom, good food, and fresh water were unfamiliar to #29. She only knew cold cruelty, suffering, yearning for something better. Though her less than three pound, delicate body was not meant for factory production of even one litter, #29 gave birth. She was found, near death, close to the end of a torturous life.

A mercy #29 could not have anticipated came to her like an angel from heaven, and removed her from that hell on earth. #29’s angel, a Texas woman who rescues dogs from puppy mills, flew #29 to a friend in New York, Chris Bedelle, a Chihuahua breeder and rescuer. Chris took #29 into her heart and home, cared for her, and lovingly restored her to health. She gave #29 the name “Tiny” in place of an impersonal number. Still fearful of people, Tiny spent her days sitting beneath a chair in a room where Chris raised finches as Chris began her search for Tiny’s perfect forever home.

Tiny’s current “Mom,” Annie, had wanted a Chihuahua since she was a little girl. She wanted a Chihuahua in need of a love. Annie prayed for just such a little soul, and so it was upon a certain day that she found Tiny on the Bedelles Chihuahuas website. Chris Bedelle described Tiny as timid, quiet, “the whisper of a spirit.” Tiny needed special attention and patience, Chris said, and Annie, filled with love and energy, was eager to give Tiny everything she needed.

Tiny, her psyche damaged to its core, was fearful of people. Sensitive to Tiny’s feelings, Annie did not change the little dog’s name to “Belle,” as she had intended. Tiny responded to the name Tiny; she knew who she was. Tiny had her forever home, yet she would not eat, could not relax, and would not even give herself permission to go to the bathroom for the first two days with Annie. Stumbling and weak, Tiny at long last nibbled a bit of kibble and sipped water. Later, when her body could no longer contain her waste, Tiny jumped out of her basket, ran into the dining room, and emptied herself on the oriental rug. Completely broken down and fearful, Tiny cowered and shivered, and ran in fear. Realizing how utterly shattered her new “Tiny Girl” was, Annie scooped her up, and held her within the security of a blanket. With loving arms, Annie gave comfort to this fragile “child,” and Tiny’s parched and aching soul sopped it up. Still, it was many months before Tiny completely relaxed in her new home. Annie will always remember the special day Tiny ran down the hallway with her tail proudly in the air. “Oh, my God!” Annie shouted to her family. “She has a tail!” Tiny was “reborn!”

Tiny’s days of terror are past. She is now a treasured and adored member of her family. Tiny sleeps with her “Mommy” and “Daddy,” where she snuggles and burrows beneath the covers. Tiny enjoys stretching across the living room floor, sunbathing in morning sunbeams, or sitting in the patio room, listening to the birds singing outside. Tiny is relaxed, at ease. She has good food, pretty clothes, her own belongings, like her favorite toys, “Mr. Snake” and “Lambie.” Tiny accompanies Annie in the kitchen as Annie cooks, and sits beside her as she needlepoints or watches television in the evenings. When “Daddy” comes home, Tiny welcomes him with her special “happy dance,” running in circles, her tiny legs close to the ground to enable speed.

From time-to-time, Tiny has seizures. When this happens, Annie soothes her through it, and then takes her to the vet for medical attention. Still sensitive, Tiny is terrified of harsh voices and loud activities. She does not like strangers, and barks incessantly when visitors come into her home, and growls protectively when anybody, including family members, lean too close to her “Mom.”

At times, there are moments when Annie still sees sadness in Tiny, and Annie worries that Tiny is remembering her years in the puppy mill. Despite this, Tiny is a joyful, little dog, loving her family, and her life. The depth of Tiny’s beautiful spirit flows wide and deep. As Annie wrote, “Tiny is, indeed, the whisper of a spirit in the house. We all absolutely adore her. To me, she is proof of the existence of God, and the importance of love for all creatures, both great, and small. Our Tiny is a huge, irreplaceable treasure.” ~ Lynn Korbel



8 responses to “Meet Tiny Girl!

  1. The Snhcnauer gang

    Wow its good to know Tiny girl is safe!

  2. Maddie and Bailey

    What a happy ending to a troubled start!!!! So glad to know you better Tiny Girl xoxoxoxoo



  4. Special K's

    Tiny Girl, Your story made Mom cry reading it, and then came tears of joy that your Mom found you …. You are now Loved and should never know fear and abuse again … Much love to you and your Mom !!! xoxoxoxo

  5. i wept for Tiny while writing this…thank God she is saved.

  6. A beautiful story about a beautiful pup! and very well written! xoxoxo

  7. Ellie and Bella

    Tiny is indeed a very special girl and we are so pleased that Annie and Tiny now share their love for each other. Thank you Lynn for sharing this with us, it was so very well written, i had tears in my eyes. Thank you xoxoxox

  8. Amber Fire Water gang

    Sucha loving tribute to Tiny and Annie. Two truly wonderful ladies that have found each other and make one another whole

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