The Right Breed of Dog For You

Who needs a psychic’s crystal ball for soul searching when you’ve got your own furry little ball at home? The breed of dog you keep says a lot about the rest of you, according to American Kennel Club spokesperson Lisa Peterson. Take a peek at the profiles below and see how much of yourself you find in your pup.

Beagle – The beagle owner loves taking a bite out of life — literally. Beagles make perfect companions for foodies. A person who loves big, group gatherings and gastronomically adventurous meals will find his or her perfect match in this adorable breed and be delighted by the pooch’s inquisitiveness, pack-animal mentality, cleverness, yen for travel — and especially, that pleading, “You gonna finish that?”

Bulldog – Got a bulldog? Then chances are you’re the strong, silent type. You also prefer the indoors and consider yourself a devoted family man (or woman). Explains Peterson, “Bulldogs were originally bred to bait bulls before they were brought to slaughter, but over the centuries, they’ve been developed to become family-friendly creatures. They like to just hang out, especially with kids.” One more thing: it’s likely you’re a big college basketball fan, Peterson says, given the breed’s popularity as a team mascot.

Chihuahua – Thanks to pop culture, Chihuahua owners have been branded as Paris Hilton types: fashion-conscious girlie-girls who gossip and socialize. But this graceful, quick and alert dog can also indicate an owner’s deeper, more mystical side, says Peterson. “There’s lots of ancient, Aztec folklore associated with the Chihuahua. It’s long been thought that the dog itself possesses properties to cure upset stomachs and arthritis and to prevent asthma attacks. So someone who is interested in the big questions of the universe is likely drawn to the Chihuahua.”

Boxer – The ideal boxer owner loves the role of caretaker, believes in standing up for one’s opinions, and admires physical strength, says Peterson. Why? Because boxers tend to copy the emotional expressions of their owners, and they’re likewise proud, attentive, active beings.

Cocker Spaniel – Carpe diem– grab life by the tail! Cocker spaniel owners are high-energy folks who love the outdoors and are happiest adventuring. As proof, Peterson cites one cocker spaniel who parachuted out of an airplane with its owner 16 times over the course of its life; another lived at sea for 13 years as the pet of a military skipper (logging two million miles of ocean travel in the process). But there’s a gentler side to the cocker spaniel’s human companion, too, says Peterson: “It’s a side that they tend only to reveal to close family and friends.” Also, there’s a careful attention to detail, as cocker spaniels need daily brushing.

Dachshunds – Homebodies love dachshunds, and vice versa. As a small hound, the dachshund likes to stay at home, cuddle under the sheets and be surrounded by comfortable environs. But just because they’re creatures of comfort, that doesn’t mean they’re couch potatoes. In fact, dachshunds more often exude a happy, playful, spunky side.

Labrador – The loyal Lab looks to its owner for a daily to-do list, so an ideal match is someone who “likes constant companionship, likes to share and enjoys a great ‘working’ relationship,” says Peterson. Labs are also one of the most dynamic and versatile dog breeds — often used in bomb detection, for hunting or as guide dogs — so a typical Lab owner is the active, outdoorsy type.

Poodle – Poodle owners lead social lives and enjoy variety; they could hunt all day long as happily as they could enjoy a leisurely lunch with friends. They possess great curiosity, not just for what’s found in books but for all sorts of exploring. And they know that variety is the spice of life, as the poodle breed comes in an array of shades and sizes. In fact, the only thing an ideal poodle owner doesn’t like to do is sneeze and wheeze; poodles are a perfect breed for allergy sufferers.

Yorkshire Terrier – The upwardly mobile might see a kindred spirit in this toy dog, once bred to exterminate rats in clothing mills but now much-adored for its larger-than-life (and bigger-than-its-size) personality. An added bonus for such jet-setters: Yorkies fit perfectly into portable lifestyles.

German Shepherd – Do you bound out of bed ready to get a jump start on your jam-packed day? Are you always on the go, go, go? Do you believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks? Then congratulations — you couldn’t be better suited as a German Shepherd owner. “German Shepherds are so great for their ability to be trained for specific purposes,” says Peterson, making them dogs who enjoy a hard day’s work, whether it’s law enforcement or bomb sniffing. Note that law-and-order is a running theme through those careers, so the ideal German Shepherd owner knows how to run a tight ship. And a clean one, as this breed is famous for its prodigious shedding.

Courtesy of AOL PawNation


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