Ramblin’ Rover Wants To Know…

Are you your human’s first pet? If not, who was?

BRAD: “No. My human’s first pup was Bella! I was there second.”

SPECIAL Ks: “Believe it or not, my Mom’s first ever pup was a little black chi, and his name was Tiny. He was a teacup.”

TANGO: “Nope. I’m not the first, but I feel like I am. Dolly was the family dog when she was a little kid. She was a little Heinz 57 and was a great dog. I’m the fifth dog in her life.”

JERSEY: “No. I was not my Dad’s first pet. Puppy was. Puppy was a dachshund/poodle mix.”

SARGE: “My mom said that she grew up with dogs.. but i am her first since she moved out of the house! She said it’s quite a challenge, but its well worth it.”


HARRY: “I am not Mammie’s first pup. She had a king charles spaniel from when she was very young. He was called Prince, and he was the best dog. Then, when he passed, the family waited about eight years before they got Harvey the schnauzer. Then Mammy got her own house, and she got me, Harry. So I suppose I am her first dog in a way, then obviously we got Dylan.”

ROMEO & JULIET: “Nope. Me and Romeo was given away at the same time, so we are both Mum’s first pet.”


2 responses to “Ramblin’ Rover Wants To Know…

  1. The Petz Of America

    Nina: ” Nope,I was third! My dad used to have 2 borzoi’s!

  2. This is great Tiny & Mom!!

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