Travelin’ Tails

There and Back Again
As told by Twinkle & Skye

A whole lotta hoohoo went on the evenin’ before we left. Mama pulled out her fancy luggage. Daddy packed his simple bag, and they packed our go bag with extra stuffs. I knew we were about to hit the road, having done it already twice, plus a hurricane evac (does that count?).

I didn’t quite understand, I admit. Last time I went on a trip, I was just 5 months old. My memory was not so good then.

Yeah, but you realized it was a long byebye when you finally laid down in your car seat after 3 hours of huffin-n-puffin, strainin’ against your seat belt, right?

YupperPuppers, I knew then. You mostly slept, Twink; I watched the scenery flow past. You slept through some great views whizzing by.

I watch sometimes…but the rock-a-bye-baby feelin’ of the car makes me sleepy. I was happy to get outta the car, we always stop at Priesters to take a potty break, they have a nice area for us doggles to walk and stuff.

On the way back, we stopped there again, I could still smell our scent, Twink! Oh, oh, oh ~~tell about the hotel for dogs.

You tell them, Skye Dahlin.

Well, we stayed at a La Quinta where us doggles are not discriminated against. It was the last time we got to talk with our friends on DogPawFile for an entire week. We hardly slept, we had to guard our pawrents. From what, we don’t really know. It was scary!

Yes, it really was. You and I did a great job though.

I’m proud to say we kept danger at bay till da sun rose. Don’t know why daddy kept telling us to be quiet. He stayed up with us, he was still up when we finally took a short nap.

Later we got back in the car, all fastened and safe and drove rest of the way. My ears popped a little ‘cause we was goin’ up up up!

I smelled good air scented with balsam, flowers, and cows. We saw poppies and wild flowers. Mama gets all emotional when she sees poppies, they symbolize her Poppy Angel to her.

We stopped at Arbys for lunch, ate some good meats, drank water, went potty; I saw a dog with his man a football field distance away, I said hallo. He ignored lil moi. Go figure…

Deeper and deeper into the arms of the mountains we climbed. Mama watched to see if we’d sniff the air. Poppy always knew where she was, she loved this place ~just as me and Skye are learning to. When we got to our cabin we were glad to get out of the car and walk around, sniff, check the place out. We quite liked it, the bed was really high up, we had to let mama and daddy put us up and take us down or else we’d hafta sleep in our crates.

We sniffed out every inch of our cabin. Mama wondered whether we could smell any scent of Poppy. She thought of this little cabin as her second home.

After we unloaded the car we went to Joli’s house. She remembered us! We brought her a big stuffed lamb and we sniffed and caught up on news. Skye was unsure of where he stood about her.

She is big, Twink. And she was pushing her nose at you and me. I thought it best you not get too close.

I wanted to play with Joli, she is a good girl and I like her.

Fine, but it’s my job to take care of you.

Nopawdy said you had to Little Brother!

I know, just doin’ the right thing though, Twink.

Well, at Joli’s house you and I quickly realized one thing…Grandma doesn’t like us to walk around in the house.

Yeah, we had to stay on our leads and be right at mama and daddyman’s side. It was boring.

Yeah. And we got put in crates when they went places till that last time when we were in their too long and our mama and daddyman said, “No more”.

And a few times I heard our Grandpawrents say we should be put in a kennel…did you see the look on our mama’s face…she would nevah board us.

Nope, NEVER!

We did take many lovely walks. You and I sure loved those walks. Many nice places to walk!!!

Not like here where we live…its not a good place for doggle walking. But somewhere a tick jumped on you Skye.

Oh that scared mama when she found that monster under my arm. Its head sunk deep in my skin…mama and daddy worked to get it outta me but they botched the job. The monster’s head stayed in me. Ugh!

Yeah, that was horrid. They checked us both all over very carefully. Next mornin’ we were off the Joli’s doctor to get that thing outta Skye, toot sweet!

They took me away from my mama and daddy and abraded my skin layers till the vet could pull the head out and put antibiotic on me. It was all healed in a couple days. First tick I evah had and hopefully the last one.

First one I evah seen. Ugh!

The very best part of each day was when we were at our cabin where we could play and be ourselves.

And when we went on walks. We are sad our Grandma and Grandpa don’t like us, but that’s the way of it. And they felt the same toward Poppy too. Our Mama loves their Joli and treats her like her own, but our grandpawrents act like we’re just an inconvenience and don’t matter.


Our last morning there mama and daddy took us into town, Waynesville. Daddy tried to set up our buggy but it broke. We walked through town a little bit, Skye was over excited so we didn’t try going into any shops. People stopped to say hello to us and tell us how adorable we are ~stuff like that.

It was very nice.


We SAW DUCKS!! And we watched that creek outside our cabin’s back door.

And we listened to all the birdies sing in the mornings. It was so very very peaceful.

Natural ~nothing to bark at.

Gigglez ~~~

The best part of our Pawcation was meeting up with Karle, Keisa and Kayla and Auntie Vicki on our way home.

Yeah. That was pawsome. I didn’t make a good impression though; I’m such a complicated boy.

We all understood, Skye Dahlin ~~it’s okay. I know I was sure tired after that long car ride. I gave out and napped while they visited.

We will become better at this pawcation thing the more we go, right?

Absolutely! We are most thankful our mama and daddy take us everywhere with them. It’s not the easy way, but our family stays togethah! I heard mama say she’d rather have us with her and not be able to go into restaurants and shops than to not have us and walk into those places missing us.

YuppersPuppers! Our mama and daddy love us. I’m sure happy to be home, aren’t you Twink?

Oh yes! North, South, East or West ~~Home is always best! BOL


3 responses to “Travelin’ Tails

  1. Special K's

    OMD, that was a pawsome story and pawcation, minus the grandpawrents being … well you know … Meeting you all was our Bestest day too !! xoxoxoxo

  2. Twink and Skye, I LOVED the story of your pawcation! i feel sad about your grandma and grandpa though… it doesn’t seem fair (or even make much sense because they obviously like doggies, because they have Jolie – strange!). your tick encounter sounds yukky! your mom and dad are just like mine…. the effort of taking us with them is totally worth it! loved your photos too! xoxoxo

  3. Thank yall fur reading us. We are sad they dont care fur us ~its because we are small ~they only like big doggles. Our own mama loves all doggles and does not understand their outlook but it is what it is.

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