Ramblin’ Rover Wants to Know…

If you didn’t have the name you currently do, what name would you have been given?

maddieMaddy – Mommy wanted to name me Gracie after Sandra Bullock’s character in Miss Congeniality but daddy wouldn’t hear of it.

brenpoohBrenpooh – There were no other names for us.

pecoPecodee – Seemore Butts.

harryanddillonHarry and Dillon -I Harry was originally known as Harvey until I came to live here, but we already had a Harvey in the family, so Mammy wanted a name that was not too different to confuse me. The choice was Henry or Harry, and Harry just fit better. Dylan was nameless. Mammy considered a few, including Bob. She thought another good British name, but she realized that he looked like a dog from a book she had read. It was a true story. The dog was called Ollie, but she did not think that suited him. At the end of the book, they got a second dog. This they called Dylan. It seemed to fit so that was that.”

therapythreeTherapy Three – Chopper would like to be Rider. Panzer actually chose his name. He could have been Kacee or Hawk, but chose Panzer. Teah would like to be the Little Miss.

spottieSpottie – Mummy named me after my belated bro, JRT Bobo, or Bobbie for sure for they still lived in her heart. Howling!!! *dancing with more joys*

susieloboSusie Lobo – Wow. That’s a hard one. Mommy cannot think of any other name for me. Maybe Pretty Girl.”

ghostGhost – Mom says before she adopted me she had a list of names, but once she met me…none of them seemed to fit. If she had to name me again, she would name me Romeo or Maximus!

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3 responses to “Ramblin’ Rover Wants to Know…

  1. PECO!!!! BOLBOL!

  2. Very very interesting!!!

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