Suka’s Travelin’ Tail & Pup Postcards!

Summer is about Travelin’ Tails, and Vacation! And sometimes, the very best things are discovered during summer vacation…like Suka! Just ask The Texas Team, who submitted the following!

“Hey, everypawdy! You all know me, and the short version of how I came to be here today! But I am telling you the ‘Original.’

It was about…two years ago. Mommy was at Vacation Bible School, and her cocker spaniel called Prince had been killed by the other dogs in the neighborhood. She was looking for a new dog! She looked, and looked, and looked with no luck ! One night, at Vacation Bible School, Mommy was playing, when her own Mommy called and told her that there was a free female border collie she was going to look at. And they got me! Soon, they found out I was abused, spanked with brushes, and other cruel things like that! Mommy has taken very good care of me!”

Email your Travelin’ Tail to!


Bella sent in these two pics of her summer fun! If you have similar pics to show us, send them to Thanks, Bella!

Bella takes a dip!

Bella takes a dip!

Sitting pretty!

Sitting pretty!


3 responses to “Suka’s Travelin’ Tail & Pup Postcards!

  1. Thank you Tiny and Mom Annie, for doing a great job here at the magazine! you guys rock! xoxoxo

  2. The Texas Team

    We agree wth Mr Khan

  3. If you are browsing this magazine on the net, please visit our main website, it’s a pet lovers social community, you can share pictures and stories about your fantastic pets!

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