The Adventures of a LUCKY Pup!

What’s in a name? Well, in the case of one very LUCKY pup, a whole life story! Here, in Lucky’s own words, is how this beautiful golden retriever lived up to his name!

This is Lucky. He's smiling because he knows he's one LUCKY pup! Here, in his own words, is his story!

“Hello! My name is Lucky. I am six years old! I am about to tell you an adventure that is very heart-warming. It happened about four years ago.

I had a very very bad home. I was abused badly. But one day, I couldn’t take it, so I ran away. For months, I had no friends or anything. I had no person to take me in. I still searched. I realized that there were people in the passing cars! I thought, “Hey, maybe they will take me in!” So I ran out into the road!

That was a big mistake! I didn’t realize that the cars were faster than they looked! I was run over! People surrounded me, and I soon was asleep. Not sure what happened!

Later, I woke up, and I overheard some people talking.

“I think that we might have to take his back leg off,” A woman said.

” Really? I wish we didn’t have to!” Another said.

I just couldn’t figure out why. I just lay in a kennel. I said to myself, “What am I going to do without my leg?”

But I didn’t want to think about that anymore! Time passed, and they got to know me, and I trusted them! And soon it was time.

I felt nothing. I was tranquilized! I was awake after an hour or two, and I got up. Sure enough, my leg was gone! I was okay though. I was happy with these people, but soon came adoption time!

Many people walked in. A little girl or two looked at me, but their parents said, ” No! Not him! He only has three legs.” I was disappointed.

I waited and waited, afraid no one would adopt me! Soon adoption time was over. Later, I noticed someone come in.

“Hello! I am Christi Martian,” The lady said. “I was wondering if I could look at the dogs that are ready for adoption?”

“Sure,” said the girl at the desk.

“Thanks.” Christi said.

Christi walked around, and saw none she wanted, and she looked over to me. I wagged my tail, and she smiled, and walked over to me.

“Hi Boy! Excuse me whats his name?” She asked.

“Lucky. And all of the things you may want and need to know are on the board on his kennel,” The lady said.

“Oh ok!” Christi said, and picked up the clipboard on my kennel.

“He is missing a leg?” She asked.

“Yes. He was run over and his leg was badly hurt!” The girl at the desk explained.

Christie put the clipboard down and said, “I want to adopt him!”

She was still smiling.

“Are you sure?” The other lady asked.

“Yes!” Christi said. And soon I was off to a new home!

At my new home, I happily hopped out of the car, and Christie brought me inside. I smelled around a bit, then I came back to her. Days passed, and our bond grew. We loved each other more than anything, but what I didn’t know was that my old owner was searching for me!

Soon, she came to Christi’s door and knocked.

“Hello?” Christi said.

“Hi! I believe you have my dog Lucky!” She said.

I growled at her.

“Lucky? Baby come here!”

I continued to growl and show my teeth.

“I don’t think he wants you,” Christie said. “I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

“FINE!” She said and walked out.

Later that day, Christie was sitting with me, and talking to me. She said, “Lucky, I know you don’t understand me, but I saw all those other perfectly healthy dogs, but I didn’t want them! When I saw that you only had three legs, I knew you were the dog I needed! I love you more than any dog I ever met!”

Those words were the most wonderful words I ever heard! I am still with her today, happy and healthy!

The adventure has ended, and that is my story!”
~ ~
Thank you to The Texas Team for submitting this story!


7 responses to “The Adventures of a LUCKY Pup!

  1. awww what a beautiful story, and such a beautiful boy!



  3. Very heartwarming to know Lucky is loved and safely home.

  4. You just made Daddy Paul, Mr Khan and Brad cry! thank you, what a heartwarming story!! xoxoxo

  5. The Texas Team

    mommy cried when she wrote it

  6. The Texas Team


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