Rambling Rover Wants To Know…


This week’s question is courtesy of PecoDee: If you were stranded on a desert island, which Dogpawfile pup/pups would you want to be stranded with?

pecoPecoDee: I would like to be stranded with Mr. Khan because he is the biggest, and he has a lot of meat on him, and if I ran out of food I could eat him!! Bol!!

MikeyMikey: Hhmmmmm…. that’s hard. Probably Susie Lobo because she is very nice and caring, and she could probably find her way, and if she found food she would share, and she’s a good pal.

corkyCorky: Oh my dogness! I love Twinkle, Special K girls, Susie, Tiny Girl (but she is Skye’s!), Four Yorkie girls. I guess since I’m only 7.5 pounds, I would be better suited for a little girl, so I would have to pick Raven of the Four Yorkies! But I sure love all the girls I have mentioned. Oh, and I love Ellie, too. I just don’t hear as much from her. She is a doll. Oh, my goodness! I forgot about Maddie! She’s a doll, too. I just love them all!

LibertyJusticeLiberty & Justice: Liberty would like to be stuck on the dessert island with Queen Wiggins…not that she would wish that on her…But Liberty feels very close to her! Justice…I have no idea! Lets see …Hamish…he carries a flask you know! …Chopper…he is so much fun! …Tusche…We can feel the retriever vibe …Nickey…We could feel the Dalmatian vibe …Astrid…She is such a smart pup! …Loren…He is one cool Dude! …Mr Khan …he could figure out how to get us off the island pretty fast… …OH OH The Special K’s! Yup they sure do know how to make a guy feel good!

ninaaaastormNina and Storm: Wow! That’s a hard one. Umm…Tiny Girl or Spottie!

kissieKismet: I am going steady with Tusche of the Colorado Caninies so of course I would choose him! He would be big enough to protect little me from any predators on the island, and he would certainly keep me company and very happy till we were rescued. If we found a nice little cave on the island for a den…we might never leave! BOL Thanks for asking me! Hamish says he is glad you didn’t ask him…he wouldn’t be able to stop at one pup to have with him!

hercHercules: Mimi!! She knows lots of tricks so I think she could figure out how to make a meal out of a coconut.

Thank you for your answers, everypawdy! And thanks for the question, Peco! Thank you also to everypawdy who suggested a question; Rambling Rover will use every one of them in the future!


4 responses to “Rambling Rover Wants To Know…

  1. Twinkle & Skye




  3. Heehee!! Good answers!!!!

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