Brody Shines at the “Strays in Need” Dog Party!


Jenna, Brody’s “Mom,” has written this terrific article about a wonderful fund-raiser in her town at which Brody was a star!

At the beginning of each summer, the town of Danvers, MA celebrates its heritage and community by sponsoring a week’s worth of events. One of these events is especially geared towards the celebration of the family dog. The Danvers Dog Party is a chance for dog owners to gather their canine companions for an afternoon full of fun and games.

Last year, the fundraising event raised over $3,500 for the local rescue group, Strays-in-Need. Aside from a raffle full of goodies for every dog lover, this year’s event consisted of demonstrations from local animal groups, and concluded with a fashion parade and look-alike contest. Carlene White opened with a fantastic presentation of her Great Dane service dogs, which are being used by local veterans who need assistance with their mobility after returning from duty. Carlene chose the breed based on its height and low energy level, which is a great match for people who need increased stability for their daily functions. Moreover, there was a demonstration by the Canine University that showcased two shelties and a golden retriever, and offered tips on clicker training and basic obedience skills. Additionally, Dr. Meyers from the local animal hospital hosted a trivia game for dog owners to familiarize themselves with useful knowledge on health and safety.

This little pup was the cutest little "piggy" of the afternoon.

At the end of the afternoon, Strays-in-Need took the stage for the 2nd annual dog parade, wherein canines are invited to showcase their favorite trick or a costume. Although every dog leaves with an award (because every dog is special in its own way!), entrants compete towards top prizes such as Best Costume, Best Look-Alike, Best in Breed, and Best in Show. Some of the most notable entrants included a Cockapoo dressed up in an adorable pig costume, a 185 pound Newfoundland dressed as a hula girl, and the Best Look-Alike Dauschund wearing a hot-dog costume complimenting his owners’ plaid tablecloth apron and chef’s hat. Also, Boomer, the 13 year old Shepherd/Hound mix, made quite an appearance on the runway by stopping to “do his duty” on the middle of the catwalk! There was also Brody, the Australian Shepherd, who earned the title Best Costume, with his construction gear and hardhat that turned heads and got a lot of smiles and laughs from fellow party-goers. Finally, the show concluded with the Best in Show entrant: a 5 pound Pomeranian, who acted as a seizure alert dog for its disabled owner, and earned a round of applause from the audience.

Brody's costume won him a prize!

Brody's costume won him a prize!

Overall, the event was a great success, despite the wind driven rain, and there was an overwhelming amount of support for the Strays-in-Need program. Regardless of the weather, loyal dog owners came out for this fun-filled afternoon, and were not disappointed. Brody even earned the hot dog we promised him if he won Best Costume! We are anxiously looking forward to next year’s party, and cannot wait to think up a creative idea for our next costume!

Brody takes a well-earned break!

Brody takes a well-earned break!

Thanks, Jenna, for this article! If you have a Traveling Tail, or a summer related story like this one, email it to!


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  2. mikeyfrescasophie

    moomy is in love with your costume and that piggy costume 🙂



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