In Memory Of Callie

We were all so shocked, and deeply saddened, to her about Callie’s passing. At a time like this, adequate words of comfort are difficult to find. Amber Fire Water Gang have written the following in Callie’s memory. Their words perfectly capture how we all feel about losing Callie. Rest in peace, sweet Callie.

Pawfile pic courtesy of the Special Ks.

Pawfile pic courtesy of the Special Ks.

“May you find that place, where all dogs run free. The place where pain can’t reach you. May the pastures smell sweet, and the grass cool your feet. Shade trees hold places for you to rest. Know that you are loved, and will be sorrowfully missed, till someday our paths cross again. Someday, we will join you and run in that field, swim in the lake beside you. Save us all a place, Sweet Calle. We will know you on sight, as your beauty won’t change ~ You may appear younger, but you will still be our friend. Enjoy the pastures beyond the Rainbow Bridge…we know there was some dog to greet you when you arrived, and we hope when it’s our turn, you will be our angel to lead us in.” ~ Hamish and The Amber Fire Water Gang


4 responses to “In Memory Of Callie

  1. Lovely Tribute! We will miss you Callie

  2. we love you, Callie ~always will…

  3. Callie will be very missed! sniff sniff, we are having a tribute day for her today, please feel free to visit! Visit Rainbow Bridge Memorial for Pets



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