After such a sad time last week, we all need to smile, and remember all the joys that come from pet ownership. Wonderful reminders come to us today from Bambi.

This week, Bambi celebrates four months in her loving, furever home!

This week, Bambi celebrates four months in her loving, furever home!

Do you remember? On April 22nd, I was thrown out on the streets by my “loving” family. I wasn’t a puppy anymore. I was old, slow, and sick. Instead of giving me to the shelter, I was thrown out on the streets. Left for death. But guess what? I’m not dead. Just seconds away from death on the highway, I heard a loud whistle and I smelled food. I came close to the unfamiliar human since I couldn’t find my old ones that had me for such a long time. Soon, I was scooped off the dangerous and scary highway into someone’s arms. I was being taken away from the family I thought still loved me. I was taken into an unfamiliar place. I was greeted by a dog. He didn’t bark or growl; he just wagged his tail, which made feel safer. I was greeted by another human, too! I got fed, and my sick eye was cleaned. I was taken to a vet, which told us I had no microchip! I was taken back to the unfamiliar place, and I spent the night there. I already wanted to cuddle, but I had to stay in my bed. The next day, I was taken to Max’s vet. The vet said I looked old, around 12, and there really were no chances of escaping. I had uncut nails, a sick eye, bad teeth, and I was extremely thin. I had been treated badly. The vet asked the humans what they where going to do with me! They said that I was gonna be their’s, and I was going to be treated how I deserved to be treated for the rest of my life! Two weeks passed, and I was legally Sissy’s dog! I had my papers done, and I got a tag with my new adress and name! Four months ago, I found my furever home! My first month was the best, but for the humans, there many obstacles to overcome. They do train me to do my business outside (I used to leave many presents,hehe!). I had to get my teeth removed. Daddy had to build some new fences. I had to get medicine and all my shots, and we had to get a food I actually liked! bolbol. Now I have everything I want… a real family, real love, a doggy brother, my own bed, my own bowl, my own toys, and my own yard! It was a challenge to take me home, but if you love someone you’ll be anything for them!”

God bless Sissy and Windy City Pack for opening their heart and their home to Bambi. And God bless Bambi!


3 responses to “CELABRATION!!

  1. our hearts are comforted and warmed by Bambii’s story…God Bless her and her new family ~thank God for such loving people!



  3. This is a wonderful story!!

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