Ask Dr. Chopper

This week, Dogpawfile Magazine introduces a new weekly column, Ask Doctor Chopper! If you have questions on dog related issues, such as behavioral issues, health, etc., you can peemail Chopper for advice. Doctor Chopper will respond to your problem here in Dogpawfile Magazine. Welcome, Doctor Chopper! Glad to have you on “staff!”

The Doctor is in!

The Doctor is in!

Dr Chopper here, pals.
For my first topic, I would like to bark about doggies barking. A pal has emailed me about their wanting to bark when people come to visit and I sometimes want to chase them away from my mommy.
Well,, there are some things that your mommy can do to help you out, pal. Mommy first of all will have to teach you to sit and stay. She can use treats or whatever will work to help you learn sit and stay. Then your mommy can have one person at a time come over and maybe meet you outside your house and have you sit and stay and give you a treat. Then your mommy with you can invite the humans into your house. Soon you will know that when a person comes to your house, you will be getting a treat.
Some other things to try and think about are:
1. Are you getting enough exercise?
2. Do you go on daily walks so you can explore and smell?
3. Is there a dog park close to you that you can meet other doggies and people?
4. Maybe an obedience class?
Have your mommy try these things to see what happens. I do not think it will happen over night, but I know your mommy will keep practicing with you..


3 responses to “Ask Dr. Chopper



  2. Welcome Dr Chopper!!

  3. Awwww…. My Loving Bro Dr. Chopper xD I hope u can help me for my loving mum is So Much Crazy with all her flashes on me + so much addicted to Dogpawfile…. i was thinking it is possible to send her to an obedience class??? BOL BOL BOL!!!! Howling!!! *dancing + circling with more joys*

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