The Secret Life of Hamish- Part One

Summer fiction by The Marjorie!!

Hamish is ready for adventure!

Hamish recognized the routine. She would go first to the dresser drawer, and pull out a pair of white socks. This was the first and most important sign that he was going….going for his next adventure. Trotting down the stairs, he alerted his companions, Wiggins stirred from her bed, giving him a bleary eyed acknowledgment. Kismet was easier to rouse. She was always keen to go! The water jugs were placed in the nap sack. A very good sign indeed! Long Walk! Now the shoes came out….and…and…the leashes! He would spin with joy! This made her smile. It always made her smile.

Within a few minutes, Hamish strutted down the front steps, and out into the warm afternoon air, his girls following behind him. It was time for him to show the world he was a good PACK dog and could lead his ladies safely on an adventure. There would be pee mail to check.

“Oh a note of Buddy!’ He would tell Kismet, “He smells as if he had too many cookies last night!”

“I get a hint of Carmel too.” Hamish sighs, “She never leaves her yard for long. We should smuggle her out for a walk with us!”

“What about that new dog that always barks Hello!” Kismet asks. “We should greet him one of these days.”

“He has an invisible fence.” Wiggins nods as they walk by his yard.

Kismet tilts her head to the side, “A invisible fence? I don’t see any fence.” She mutters.

“You aren’t suppose to see it! Silly” Hamish laughs, “It means he has been taught to stay only on his yard.”

Kismet nods not sure she understands. “What about Finley? He never leaves his yard either.”

“Invisible fence.” Wiggins nods knowingly.


The trio carry on down the road with their human close behind. It’s a glorious day. The air is sweet with the scent of wild flowers. Periodically they stop for a quick note to a friend on a random plant. What lies ahead is the promise of freedom and a run in the field. Hamish pulls anxiously on his lead, but Wiggins is having a moment, and digs in her heels. Wiggins knows that the joy of a good walk is making it last as long as possible. Hamish is just anxious for his off leash time.

“Almost there guys!” The Marjorie promises.

After dodging around the gate, their leashes are slipped off. Each dog is now free to roam at their own speed. Hamish runs to the trees and sniffs for wild critters. Kismet stays close to the human, and Wiggins checks for yesterday’s smells. The flowers are sweeter and air is tinged with the scent of pine, cedar and the WILD. This is the place. This is where their hearts run as free as their bodies. The shadows of the trees mark the trail as they head deeper into the property. Butterflies scuttle to take flight and get out of the way of racing paws. Hamish is happy ~ His heart filled with the pleasure of this moment. Waving grasses blow and touch him as he runs along the trail. Here he is KING ~


3 responses to “The Secret Life of Hamish- Part One

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    Wow Hamish we want to run with you too! Reading this is like being there right beside you! Can’t wait for part II.

  2. We love these real life stories!

  3. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    We could picture every moment!! Our favorite part? This is Part One, so surely there is a Part Two to follow!!

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