Hawks Watching….Photographic Proof!

Mooreboxers had a “close call” with a hawk in their backyard! Their photographic evidence lays to rest the question of whether or not hawks are a threat to small dogs…YES! Keep a watchful eye on your little ones!

This hawk was watching Mooreboxer's pen!

This hawk was watching Mooreboxer's pen!

Mooreboxers said: There was a discussion recently and I know some aren’t too convinced about hawks taking small pups. Well very early this morning when we had Oakie in small fenced area pen off our back patio (I am always right there in kitchen) I look out the door and there is a hawk looking right at pen. I yell for hubby and he runs with camera. When he opened the door it flew on the fence. Now I am convinced it can and will happen. Oakie will not be able to play in pen alone now. I will have to stay out with him or do our usual and use leash and walk the whole yard. Talk about a scared…..I was!!! And to think his nest is anywhere around us in the wooded areas. So watch your sweet little babies everyone!!!


2 responses to “Hawks Watching….Photographic Proof!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    the thought makes my blood run cold…i always did believe it…

  2. That Hawk looks nasty!!!

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