The Secret Life of Hamish Part Two

Hamish has a wild doggy imagination!

Hamish has a wild doggy imagination!

Hamish rounds the corner to the first path. They follow the same trail everyday, but to him it is never dull. On the breeze he gets a hint of a deer that has passed this way the night before. A deep breath and he imagines the graceful creature. The clover is browning from the lack of rain. Perhaps a little Hamish water will help it. He lifts a leg non-chaulantly to oblige. Dragon flies swoop around the grasses overhead; it’s going to be a great day in the field!

“Max and Hailey have been here!” Wiggins woofs. “I think they may have been here about two hours ago.”

“Ooohh I sense skunk…” Kismet wrinkles her nose. “I sure hope that fellow has moved on!”

The trio wind their way along the path listening for their mistress’ voice, should she get too far ahead. It’s a sensory delight in the field. So much to sniff, so many dark shadows off the path to explore. They tend to stay close together, as they travel. The theory is “No dog left behind.” Hamish proudly struts along the path and marks his territory. How many dogs have been here before him? He wonders. And how many will come after him and know he was there? There is something primal in this walk. Despite his harness and the leash that his human tucked away in the bag….he could be any dog, in any time.

For a moment, Hamish watches Wiggins and Kismet dreamily and images that they are dogs in the Dinosaur ages. They are the BIG beasts of the wilderness and the bugs and crawlies on the ground are the weak and developing creatures. Lifting a leg, he feels all powerful as he showers an ant hill. He bites the head off a flower defiantly as if he were biting the top off a tree. One mouthful of Daisy and he is back to reality.

“Yuk! Phewy!” He spits out the mangled flower. “That was gross!”

“What were you thinking just then?” Kismet asks softly

“We probably don’t want too know.” Wiggins giggles as she trots off to find their human.

“Just daydreaming….” Hamish sighs and follows Wiggins lead.

“Was it a fun daydream?” Kismet asks.

“I was being a dinosaur” Hamish laughs.

“Sounds cool..but I think I would rather be a CAVE DOG!” Kismet sighs. “You know around the fire with the humans…eating their scraps and chewing the bones from the meat!”

“Ohhh yes!” Hamish lets himself think about that, “That would be good!”

His imagination wanders to a time when men and dogs spoke the same language. He could order up his food, and the cave man would dish it out. He only would need to provide a little protection to them, some warning of intruders, and back them in a tight spot. Hamish CAVE DOG ~ he would have made a fine one! He pictured himself curled up by the fire with the human roasting him some meat.

“Hamish?” His human called and disrupted his thoughts. “Come on Buddy!”


6 responses to “The Secret Life of Hamish Part Two

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    oh i have just loved reading this and was sorry when called back to reality along with Hamish… thank you for this sensory vacation!

  2. We so love all your stories, And they keep getting better, So how far along is Mom on that book ?? We want the first signed and pawagraphed copy !!



  4. Liberty and Justice

    We are loving this! This indeed would make a fine Book!

  5. Amber Fire Water gang

    Thank you all for taking the time to wander with us threw Hamish’s Mind. There is more to come, so keep with us

  6. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    We love reading your stories. Your choice of language is so descriptive, we see the story rather than read it! Thanks for sharing.

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