The Secret Life of Hamish Part 3

Life is an adventure for Hamish!

Life is an adventure for Hamish!

To his dismay, reality sinks in. Hamish is not a Cave Dog. He is a small dog in a very big world. Wiggins stops to sniff some flowers as he passes her on the trail. She is getting old; he can feel it. He knows that he is Alpha these days, while he still respects her as his Queen. Queen…that would make him a Knight! Right – a Knight! With a trusty stead? Well maybe not a stead…how about a powerful Sword! Oh! He was liking these thoughts.

The clink of the metal of the tags on his collar would be the sound of his chain mail as he moved along the path. His Sword at his side, ever ready for battle. Queen Wiggins would need protection as she strolled the country side. Lady Kismet, (Okay he nearly choked on that) would be the gentile lady in waiting. He was their protector. He searched the sky for wayward dragons ~ perhaps there was some mysterious Bandit hiding behind the trees ahead. He would have to fend off any and all threats to the Queen. Proudly, Hamish strutted along the trail, ever vigilant.

He swaggered as he walked. Chain mail would be heavy and awkward. He would need to be on the alert. Something moved in the grass. Hamish got his fur up. A serpent in the grass! He would use his voice first.

“Grrr…beware intruder…I know you are there.” He growls, “Stand and Deliver!” Hamish draws his sword.

“Sssss….Stand and Deliver what?” The snake hisses

“Be gone!’ Hamish Barks

“Yeah….ssss…I am leaving….your nuts.” The snake slithers away.

“Your Majesty!” Hamish calls to Wiggins, “I have vanquished the serpent from your path!” Hamish beams with pride.

“You scared off a Garter snake with a woof!” Wiggins giggles.

“Vanquished, your Majesty…I Vanquished it.” Hamish stammers.

“Well thank you …” Wiggins spies the little snake slithering away in the grass. “Well done!”

Wiggins trots by with her tail in the air. Sir Hamish Knight of the Realm has conquered the wilds once more, Hamish thinks to himself.

“You big bully!’ Kismet giggles. “Poor thing was just going about it’s own business. It wouldn’t have hurt us.”

“You don’t know that!” Hamish responds. “It could have been poisonous!”

Hamish trots behind his Queen and Lady muttering to himself. “A knights work is so under appreciated.”

In the main field now, the wind has picked up. The tall grasses bending on the breeze add an air of sweetness. The mixed smells of the clover, butter cups, lavender and Queen Anne’s Lace filling Hamish’s sense. It’s a good day to be a DOG! The freshly mowed trail is soft underfoot. He feels the urge to run and dance in the openness. Would a Knight of the Realm run and dance with such zest for life? Perhaps not! He stops himself for a moment. The heck with being an under-appreciated Knight of the realm. He is a Cowboy riding free on the range. The wind in his hair and the smells of the open Prairie beckoning him. He feels rejuvenated as he lets his legs stretch as he runs. The warm breeze tousling his amber hair. He is alive…he is free …. he is a cowboy!


4 responses to “The Secret Life of Hamish Part 3

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    oh i so love this dear wonderful story!!! thank you for sharing it with us! xoxoxo

  2. Liberty and Justice

    We do love your imagination! We can just picture you frolicking through your field with a cowboy hat on!



  4. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    BOL! My Mom says that she wishes that she could shed the heavy feelings she sometimes carries on her heart as simply as Hamish shed his chain mail and became a swaggering cowboy! We loved the place where Hamish was and chide the ladies a bit for not humoring him a little! Well, done!

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