The Secret Life of Hamish Part 4

The wilds of the open field were so inviting! The song of the grasshoppers and crickets greeted Hamish’s ears. He could smell the sweet grasses baking in the afternoon sun. His legs were his stead, his head and heart; the truest cowboy. He thundered down the hard packed trail, every beat of his paws against the ground a thundering of hooves to his ear. The wild west! His prairie to conquer!

He spied movement in the tall grass. A varment? A Bandito? He would have to investigate. In his mind, he drew his trusty side arm as he pulled to a halt near the edge of the tall grass. Tossing his head, he raised his nose to catch the scent of what lay before him. The wind was wrong. He couldn’t smell what was stirring the grass. He would approach with caution. Carefully, he parted the grasses and slowly inched forward, his heart pounding in his chest. He was prepared to come face to face with the devil himself.

Inching through the grass, he drew closer to the spot where the grasses had moved. Crouched before him was a brown Jack Rabbit, ears laid out on it’s back. It gave him a menacing sneer. (Okay that’s a stretch ~ but cut Hamish some slack!) This was no ordinary rabbit. This was the fierce cattle rustling, range roving Bandito with the black heart. It was Hamish’s job as Sherrif of this here COUNTY, to rid the area of such bad seed.

Hamish detected movement in the grass. Was it a bandito?

Hamish detected movement in the grass. Was it a bandito?

“Your day has come, long ears!’ Hamish woofed.

The Rabbit stared at him, perplexed. Hamish braced himself in a stern posture and told the rabbit again. “Your Day has come!” Not even a blink! Hamish lunged at the rabbit and it moved. With the speed and agility born to it’s long legs, the Rabbit took off with Hamish in hot pursuit. The pair sped through the grass and back toward the trail, the rabbit bounding for all it’s worth, Hamish giving his all to race after it.

Kismet woofed that she would gladly help. It was on! Hamish and a deputy and they were giving chase through the bad lands. The pair darted after the rabbit that was leaving them in the dust, Kismet calling to Hamish: “You sure scared up a fast one!”

“He deserved it…the cattle rustling, range roving bandito!” Hamish cursed the rabbit.

“The what?” Kismet stopped in her tracks.

Realizing that Kismet had stopped, Hamish turned to face her. “Are you quitting, Deputy?” He said.

“I think you have been out in the sun too long!” Kismet giggled. “You just called that Rabbit a Bandito!”

Gathering his thoughts, Hamish realized that Kismet was not in on the game. He was flustered for a moment.

“I did not!” He said.

“BOL! You did too!” Kismet giggled some more. “Hey Wiggins, you have to hear this!”

Wiggins was a long ways away with her head bent over the flask of water on the bridge. She was drinking cool water. A drink would be good right now. A Cowboy built up a powerful thirst chasing Bandits! Hamish followed Kismet to where Wiggins was.

“Hamish chased a rabbit!” Kismet told Wiggins.

“Did he catch it?” She asked looking up from the water.

“NO!” Kismet giggled, “But he called it a Bandito!”

“Heavens!” Wiggins laughed. “A wild bandito in our field!”

“Laugh all you want ladies!” Hamish insisted. “I was protecting you!”

“Oh most assuredly!” Wiggins nearly bust a gut. “WE have to beware of Killer Rabbits!”


3 responses to “The Secret Life of Hamish Part 4

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    beware of those cattle rustling, range roving bandito bunnies! i’ll remember this ~do you think he has my soccer ball? ~Skye

  2. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    BOL!! We have banditos like that in our yard almost every day! So that is why Mom doesn’t have any strawberries on strawberry plant! Banditos in our midst!! Loved your story again, Hamish…keep having those great adventures!

  3. We love these adventures!

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