Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part One

by Twinkle Starr


Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.

When Twinkle awoke, she found Skye frantic, running all around, seemingly mindless. He was barking, running here, then there. With quick thinking, Twinkle realized he was missing something, and with his actions, she knew it could be only one thing! His soccer ball; he had lost it, or maybe Mama or Daddyman had taken it, and hidden it again. Twink knew it was time to intervene, try to calm him down. And, it was time, she gathered, to help him find his most important possession, his soccer ball.

Twinkle jumped off the end of the bed onto the footstool Mama placed there solely for this purpose. Then, from there to the floor, just as Skye ripped out from under the bed, flying at full speed through the door and into the living room. Twinkle padded out and sat down in front of the entertainment center, and tried to calm him down by starting a conversation with him.

“Skye, did you lose something again?” Twink asked.

“MY SOCCER BALL IS MISSING!” He quickly responded.

“Again! We have talked about this before. You have to keep better track of that thing, always remember where you leave it. Better yet, always leave it in the same place. So you always know where it is.”

Skye answered Twinkle without stopping his frantic pacing. Twinkle was able to hear enough of his answer as he ran past her time and time again to put the entire answer together. “I know, I know, but Daddyman and I were playing with it last time I saw it and he began playing keep away, you know how he does his magic tricks. Putting it in his hand, then placing them both behind his back, and making it disappear completely. Usually it turns up in the middle of the living room floor the next morning, but this morning it wasn’t there!”

“Well, let’s stop and think about that. Maybe Daddyman just forgot to put it back.” Twinkle said.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Skye looked at Twinkle with shock on his face. “What! Daddyman would never forget to do something that important!”

“Well, let’s think like those detectives in the shows mama watched yesterday. You know, Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe. They are both very smart and always solve their case.” Twinkle suggested to Skye that he sit still and calm himself for a few moments.

“Hey, you got something there Twink. I’ll be the Great Detective SKYELOCK WOLF and you can be my sidekick, Dr. Archie.”

“That was Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson or Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin.” Twinkle corrected.

“Right, I’m Skyelock Wolf and your Dr. Archie!” Skye repeated. “Now we have to solve the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball!” Twinkle sighed and went along with Skye.

“Well Mr. Holmes and Mr. Wolfe always go about things logically. What do you suggest we do first?” Twinkle asked the Great Detective Skyelock Wolf.

“Well, I’m not sure. I just have to think for a moment Dr. Archie.” Skyelock Wolfe paced back and forth in front of Twinkle, murmuring, “Thinking, Thinking , Thinking, Thinking…”

“May I suggest we begin with a thorough search of our home, this time calmly and methodical. ” Twinkle suggested quietly.

“…thinking, thinking, thinking. I know, we’ll search for it room by room. Completely searching each room before moving on to the next room.” Skyelock stated.

Twinkle sighed, “Which room do we start with ole’ Great Skyelock?”

“Why the kitchen, of course. We’ll start with our food bowls; we can eat everything in them to make sure the soccer ball is not there.”

The soccer ball is not in the kitchen!

The soccer ball is not in the kitchen!

Twinkle smiled knowingly, “I guess it would be foolish to start the great hunt on an empty stomach.”

Skye led Twinkle into the kitchen where they polished off a great breakfast of kibble, followed by a refreshing drink of cool filtered water. Skye sniffed around the kitchen, looked behind the wooden coffee box and under the table.

“Find anything interesting yet?” Twinkle asked.

“Just the usual, Mr. Mewsy has been around here. You know his food bowl is on top of the table. I smell his stinky food from down here. I wish he dropped more of his kibble on the floor for us.”

“Yeah, it’s great. Stinky but very tasty.” Twinkle agreed.

Skyelock headed away from the kitchen, “One down and five to go.”

Dr. Archie followed, “Which room next?”

“Why let’s start at the farthest away and work our way back here to the kitchen, maybe it will be dinner time by then.”

Skyelock headed off through the living room, past the gate then through the library and stops at the entrance to their potty room.

“I sure hope we don’t find it in here”

“I bet you’re hoping to find some of those blue and white crystal thingys that Mr. Mewsy leaves behind.”

“I wouldn’t mind, they are kinda tasty. I wish Daddyman would leave Mr. Mewsy’s box out of that tub, there are always such interesting smells coming from it.”

Skyelock searched around the floor, around the toilet bowl filled with cool water. Always a good place to lay near when you’re hot. Then he lifted his head and took a whiff of those smells coming from Mr. Mewsy’s litter box before heading back toward the library.

“Nope, not here.”

“Wait a second, Mama just changed the paper and its all nice and clean for me.” Twinkle searched for just the right spot. “Here it is.”

“Dr. Archie! You just can’t leave a clean paper behind, can you?”

“Well, I don’t want Mama to think she changed the paper for nothing. I gotta thank her for changing it for me.”

Skyelock shook his head, and continued onto the library. His soccer ball had to be nearby. It had to be! The quest continued!

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Vist Dogpawfile Pet Social Networking Site


4 responses to “Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part One

  1. We can’t wait for the next instalment, where could it be??? xxxx

  2. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    Where, oh where, could that little ball be? Get on with the case, Pals, we are riveted!! BOL!

  3. Loved this story!!

  4. Amber Fire Water gang

    Fantastic…We will be waiting with Baited breathe for the next edition

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