Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part Two


Skyelock checked the little nooks and crannies around all the bookcases in the library.

“Sure are a lot of these things Mama calls books. She always seems to have one near her.”

Dr. Archie came up beside him, “I think they are very valuable. Both Mama and Daddyman seem to take very good care of them and both sit and look at them a lot. Don’t know why they would rather look at them then us, but sometimes there is no understanding parents. I’ve looked at them on occasion trying to figure out what makes them so interesting, even tasted a few but I can’t seem to figure books out. I just know Mama really likes them.”

“Well, since Mama likes them we will protect them!” Skyelock said proudly, continuing his search for the missing soccer ball.

“Dr. Archie, keep an eye out for me.” Dr. Archie turned to watch the door. “Tell me if Mama comes in.”

He approached their crates, looked over his shoulder to the door and tentatively entered one to search for his soccer ball.


“I don’t know why you don’t like being placed in your crate. They are very nice places to be. Mama and Daddyman even have put such pretty covers and soft pads in them. They are the Taj Mahal of crates, much better than the one I had before I got here. I like being in mine. It’s very safe being inside one, no one can get to you, it’s a great place to rest and contemplate on things.”

“Taj Mahal? Whats a Taj Mahal, Dr. Archie?” Skyelock left one crate to search another.

“Don’t you know? I thought the great Skyelock Holmes knew everything.” Twinkle giggled.

“I didn’t think you knew either. You’re just trying to make me think you’re so smart.” Skyelock exited the second crate. “Not there.”

“The Taj Mahal is a great big fancy place; we saw pictures of it on the picture box several times. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, that place.” Skyelock said knowingly. Actually he didn’t remember at all, but he wasn’t about to let Dr. Archie know that. He looked around the desk. He flattened himself to the floor pushing his nose under it.

“Is it under there? That is one place you’re always putting it. Making Mama get it out for you. I wouldn’t blame her for just leaving it there one day. You push her too much sometimes when you play that game.”
“Well I can smell it, but it’s not here. And you know that Mama likes it when we play that game.”

“I know YOU like it.”

“Well it’s not in here.” Skyelock said as they left and went into the living room. Skyelock went straight to the couch where he burrowed himself under it. Once halfway in, he said, “Not here either.” Skyelock pulled himself back out.


“Not under the coffee table. I checked there.” Dr. Archie replied.


“Did you put it behind the couch?” Skyelock Wolf asked.

“No, but I will look anyway.” Dr. Archie went behind the couch. “Not here either.”

“I don’t want you to get mad Dr. Archie, but I need to ask!” Skyelock sat in front of Dr. Archie.

“Well, what is it?”

“Promise you won’t get mad and leave the search.”

“Hmmmm,” Twinkle said, thinking. “Well, I’ll promise not to leave the search, but no promises as to getting mad.”

“Good Enough.” Skyelock paused, trying to think the best way to ask his question. “You have been known in the past to tear up a soccer ball when you get angry with me.”

Dr. Archie began to say something in her defense; however, Skyelock continued. “I do not deny that sometimes you might have the right to get angry with me. I am simply asking if you might have torn my soccer ball and Mama or Daddyman had to throw it away.”

“HMMMPH, IF I HAD TORN YOUR SOCCER BALL I WOULD HAVE DONE IT RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES LIKE ALWAYS! You know that when I have done it before it was always as punishment. I have never torn your soccer ball out of malicious intent.”

“Okay, I had to ask. Just to rule it out as a possibility. All good detectives have to rule everything out. No matter how ridiculous or improbable it may be. We have seen both Sherlock Holmes and Nero Wolfe do it. So I would have been remiss in my duties if I had not asked.”

Dr. Archie looked at Skyelock and calmed herself. “You’re absolutely right. You were right to ask, and I promise I have not torn your soccer ball.”

“Thank you. Now let’s go look in the dining room. It could be under the china cabinet, that’s another one of my great hiding places. You check to see if I left it outside on the balcony.”

Dr. Archie checked the balcony as Skyelock searched under the china cabinet. This is difficult to do because Mama had placed boxes of craft supplies all around the bottom of the cabinet in an attempt to prevent Skyelock from doing just that. He nosed one of the boxes aside so he could get access to the cabinet. “Mama should know by now these boxes can’t stop a determined yorkie.”

“But it does stop one that is just playing around.” Dr. Archie giggled, then added more seriously, “Not on the balcony, Mr. Wolfe.”


“Not here either.” Skyelock stated matter-of-factly, ignoring the giggles of his partner Dr. Archie. “That leaves two rooms to go,” Skyelock said and headed to the parents’ bedroom. “You check the bathroom while I check the bedroom.”

“Got It, Skyelock. You check the bathroom while I check the bedroom.” Dr. Archie repeated.

“NO! You check the bathroom while I check the bedroom.”

“Right! You check the bathroom while I check the bedroom.” Dr. Archie repeated yet again.


“OKAY, OKAY! You check the bathroom while I check the bedroom.” Dr. Archie says giggled, then quickly rans into the bathroom.

“GIRLS!” Skyelock sighed, then quickly ducked under the bed to check there. “No luck, not there.”

Skeylock then checked under the end table beside the bed where his Mom slept, he has been known to stash his ball there on occasion, especially when Mama and Daddyman were trying to watch that picture box thingy. “Not there either. Hmmm, maybe under the picture box thingy table.”

Skyelock took a peek. “Not there either. How about around the settee?” Off he went yet again. “Not there, either.”

“Who you talking too?” Dr. Archie asked as she approached from the bathroom.

“Just thinking out loud, like all good detectives do,” Skyelock responded. “It helps us think better.”

“Of course.” Dr. Archie giggled “I should of known.”

“I KNOW! BOL, BOL,BOL,BOL,BOL” Skyelock yelled for Mama.

“Why do you want Mama to come now?”

“Because I bet Daddyman left it in the top drawer of his end table. He hides it there at night sometimes. BOL, BOL, BOL, BOL!”

Skyelock jumped up on the small footstool in front of the end table and reached up to the drawer. “BOL, BOL, BOL, BOL, BOL!”

Mama finally showed up and asked, “What is all this noise about?”

Skyelock continued, “BOL, BOL, BOL, BOL!” and scratched at the drawer. Dr. Archie made a quick withdrawal to hide under the bed knowing Mama is going to yell about Skyelock scratching up her new end table.

“Don’t do that!” Mama yelled, but Skyelock insisted and scratched yet again.

“NO, NO NO!” but Skyelock insisted yet again.

Mama very firmly said, “WHAT! DID DADDYMAN LEAVE YOUR BALL IN THERE AGAIN?” as she pulled the drawer open and showed Skyelock the contents. “There’s his magic black box thingy, the emergency flashlight, his puzzle book and pencil. No soccer ball!”

“It’s not here.” Mama tolds Skyelock Wolfe, “You’ll just have to check elsewhere.”

Mama closed the drawer and left as Skyelock got down, dejected.

“Where else could it be?”

Dr. Archie came out from under the bed. “You took a big chance there. Mama might have gotten real mad at you then what would you have done?”

“Any risk is worth it for my soccer ball. ANY RISK!” Skyelock sat and continued thinking. Looking over at Dr. Archie, he asked, “Did you have any luck in the bathroom?”

“Does it look like it? If I had found it I would be carrying it wouldn’t I?”

“Did you look under the shelving unit where Mama stores her extra towels? How about under the cabinet in the corner?”

“Yes, Yes and I even looked around the toilet bowl of cool water and the shelf unit in front of it, and under the edge of the counters. I looked everywhere except up on the counter itself.”

“THAT’S IT! I just got a great thought.” Skyelock stated.

“And just what great thought did you come up with on your own?”

“We should get Mr. Mewsy to help us. He can check places we can’t. Like up on top of the counters, the tables, on the other side the gate, top of dressers, and counters. He can check places we can’t get to.”

Twinkle looked at Skye with a amazement on her face, “You have something there. But what can we offer him that would make him help us?”

“I got it! Let’s go find Mr. Mewsy.” Skyelock ran off with Dr. Archie right behind him.


5 responses to “Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part Two



  2. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    Hee, hee…we loved the exchange between Skyelock and Dr. Archie when they were trying to decide who was checking the bathroom and who was checking the bedroom…reminded us of the famous, “Who’s on First” comedy routine!! We loved it and are intrigued by how Skyelock expects to involve Mr. Mewsy!

  3. Twinkle & Skye

    Thank you for reading it!!!

  4. Liberty and Justice

    HEE HEE! Cats are very useful members of the family!

  5. Amber Fire Water gang

    You two are taking this mystery very seriously..even om is getting in on it. Where could that darn thing have gotten too?

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