The Secret Life of Hamish – Part Five


The cool water soothed Hamish’s dusty throat. Chasing Banditos was hard work! He wanted to rest a moment in the shade and enjoy the view. The creek was babbling playfully under the bridge. He could hear the frogs talking to each other in the Bull Rushes. The birds had nearly cleaned off the wild raspberry bush he could see from his vantage point. It was mid-summer in his field; life was good. He drew a deep breath, and watched as Wiggins sniffed out mushroom. She wouldn’t eat it; all Wiggins really wanted was to find something once she caught its scent. Hamish wished he could bury a treasure somewhere that even Wiggins could not sniff out. Lifting his leg, he left a stream of water on an innocent ant hill again while he pondered.

A pirate would bury his treasure. Hamish did have a taste for the Amber Fire Water. He took a mighty swig from the flask. Yes, a pirate! Hamish the Red, captain of the Lady K ~ dreaded Pirate of Lake Simcoe, was he! He had his bounty, a treasure trove of bones, chew toys and biscuits to bury, his loot to be stashed for another day. He had a skeleton crew on this shore mission. Just his trusted first mate, Kismet, a little simple but trustworthy in a pinch, and the wise and witty Wiggins. They had been scooping out the area for a safe place to stash the treasure. Counting off paces, Hamish headed south for 20, East for 10, North for 5 more, spun around several times, and then lay in the tall grass thinking. Would this be a safe place to hide his booty?

“What you doing?” Kismet asked.

“Argh!” He answered, deep in thought. “I be looking for a place to dig!”

“Would you like some help?” Kismet offered.

“That’s a fine first mate, you be!” Hamish laughed.

Kismet joined Hamish in the tall grass and sniffed where he sat. She looked at his wild eyes for a moment and then spoke softly.

“Grounds pretty hard here,” She said.

“Argh…High and Dry!” Hamish agrees. “As good a place as any!” He started to dig.

Kismet watched him for a moment in wonder and amusement. She recalled that she had offered to help, so she started clawing the ground too.

“We be needing a BIG hole to put all my treasures in!” Hamish muttered to himself. “There is plenty of cover here to hide it.”

“What are you going to put in the hole?” Kismet asks.

With an evil twinkle in his eye, Hamish smiles a crooked grim at her, “Me Booty!” He says in his roguish growl.

“Uh, Hamish….you are freaking me out a little!” Kismet stops digging for a moment.

Wiggins trots over to see what the pair are up too.

“Did you find a critter hole?” She asks.

“Not exactly!” Kismet steps away from Hamish and his hole. “He is digging a hole to bury his booty!” Kismet tries to explain.

“Bury his WHAT?” Wiggins nearly chokes.

“Me treasures!” Hamish barks at them. “You scurvy dogs…start digging!”

“Who are you calling a scurvy DOG?” They both bark back at him.

Hamish realizes he has crossed a line.

The trio hear the high pitched whistle of their human and head off full speed in that direction.

“I was day dreaming…” Hamish tries to explain. “I don’t expect you to understand…but I was imagining I was a pirate, or a cowboy, or a cave dog……”

“Why can’t you just enjoy being who you are and enjoy your walk?” Wiggins asks over her shoulder.

“It sure would be easier for me to follow,” Kismet laughs.

“Perhaps…but it wouldn’t be as much fun being me!” Hamish sighs.


4 responses to “The Secret Life of Hamish – Part Five



  2. Bubbles, Tusche, Che and Jodene

    Hamish is at it again and he sums it up perfectly…it just wouldn’t be as much fun as being himself!! We really enjoyed it!

  3. Twinkle & Skye

    Hamish knows how to have adventures!!! We could all learn a thing or two from him! Love love love this!

  4. Liberty and Justice

    Hamish would not be Hamish with out his dreams!!!!!

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