Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part Three


They find Mr. Mewsy sitting on the new footstool, watching them. Apparently that is one of his favorite things to do because he does it a lot. That and eat and sleep – he seems to sleep a lot. Actually we think all that sleeping is just a ploy he uses so we won’t bother him.

Skyelock approaches Mr. Mewsy, “Mr. Mewsy sir, I have a deal to offer you if you would care to listen?”

Mr. Mewsy licks his paw, looking down on Skyelock, “Go ahead, but don’t make any assumptions that just because I’m listening I agree to anything.”

“I would never presume to do anything of the sort, sir.”

Mr. Mewsy looks at Skyelock, utterly amazed at the vocabulary he has achieved since he moved here, though the look he gives Skyelock Wolfe is one of contempt.

“Mr. Mewsy, my soccer ball is missing and my partner and I have looked everywhere available to us. We were wondering if you would help by looking up on the counters and stuff where we can’t search.”
“I’m surprised at you, that is actually good thinking…BUT what is in it for me? It sounds like I will be doing all the work.”

“Well sir, I know how much you like to eat our kibble. Would you be willing to do it if I promised to leave 5 pieces of kibble in my bowl tomorrow morning?”

Dr. Archie was shocked at the offer; she knew how much Mr. Wolf loved his kibble in the morning. To be willing to leave some for Mr. Mewsy showed just how important that soccer ball was to him.

“TEN pieces of kibble.” Mr. Mewsy countered.

“Hmmmm, that’s a bit much from my breakfast. Let’s say seven pieces.”

“DEAL, BUT for TWO mornings!”

“Agreed, two mornings I will leave eight pieces of kibble in my bowl and Dr. Archie will leave it alone so you can have it.”

Dr. Archie sighed, she had thoughts of eating the kibble before Mr. Mewsy could get it but she was now bound by Mr. Wolf to leave it alone, and she would, if Mr. Mewsy held up his end of the bargain.

“Where do you want me to look first?” Mr. Mewsy asked.

“Let’s start in the kitchen since it’s closest.” Skyelock said.

Mr. Mewsy quickly and nimbly jumped up on the bar between the kitchen and the living room. He walked around it casually, weaving in and out and among the items on the bar top.


“Is it there?” Skyelock asked anxiously.

“PURRRRRRFECTLY is how I see, but no ball do I spppppy.” He replied but continued on into the kitchen. Once on the counter he spotted a little black and white ball sitting beside the Mama’s coffee machine. Daddyman must have left it there for Mama to find.

Skyelock and Dr. Archie came running into the kitchen.

“Is it there? Is it there?” They asked almost at the same time.

Mr. Mewsy moved on just as Mama came into the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee. She chased Mr. Mewsy down out of her way. Mr. Mewsy sat at the entrance to the kitchen bathing himself once more.

“Well what is this?” Mama exclaimed as she picks up the soccer ball and tosses it into the living room.

Skyelock takes off like a bolt of lightning chasing his beloved soccer ball. Dr. Archie looks at Mr. Mewsy.

“YOU LIED TO US! BOL, BOL, BOL, the deals off!” and with that Dr. Archie takes off after Mr. Mewsy who was running as fast as he could toward the gate by the entrance to their home. As he approached, he found Skyelock lying there with his soccer ball. He easily leapt over Skyelock and calmly sat waiting as Dr. Archie came running up and skidded to stop.

“You better stay there.” Dr. Archie said.

“Why are you so mad at him?” Skyelock asks.


“That was to be expected, after all he is a CAT!” Skyelock replies. “Our deal is voided because he did not uphold his end of the bargain and I still have my ball.”

“But, but , but…”

“I knew the ball was up there and I knew he would not tell us, but I also knew Mama was going to make coffee soon and would catch him up on the counter where he is not supposed to go. Now I get my kibble and he won’t get his next treat ‘cause Mama is mad at him.”

“But how did you know your ball was up there?”

“That is quite simple Dr. Archie; Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth. We had searched everywhere else and not found it so it had to be up on top of the counter.”

“It could have been in the hallway on the other side of the gate.”

“Of course not, I would have seen it. On our way to the library I quickly looked and saw the hallway was quite empty. So you see it had to be on the counter. Daddyman left it there this morning for Mama to find when she made coffee today.”

“Boy, you sure are a great detective Mr. Skyelock Wolfe.” Dr. Archie looks at Skye with new respect.

“Besides, I saw him put there this morning.” Skye says softly.

“WHAT?!” Twinkle barks. “We did all this hunting for nothing?”

“Not for nothing. I got to hear you finally agree to what a great detective I am and it gave us something to do this morning.”

“YOU, YOU, YOU!” Twinkle stutters in anger.

Skye takes off, running with his soccer ball in his mouth.

“YOU BETTER NOT LET THAT SOCCER BALL OUT OF YOUR SIGHT, I’LL TEAR IT IF I CAN GET AHOLD OF IT!” Twinkle yells as she follows after Skye. She can’t keep the pretense of her anger up as she suddenly giggles. AFTER ALL, IT WAS A FUN MORNING!



4 responses to “Skyelock Wolfe and the Case of the Missing Soccer Ball Part Three

  1. Liberty and Justice

    Love it! Hope that Skyelock and Dr Archie have another adventure soon!



  3. Hamish's pack

    Fabulous story!

  4. Twinkle & Skye

    thank you for reading it!!! i combined Sherlock Holmes and Rex Stout’s character, Archie Goodwin.

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