Dogpawfile Crossword Puzzle

Click here to view the puzzle! Print, and enjoy!

3. lives in New Zealand
6. Mr. Khan’s brother
10. Mr.Khan’s daddy
11. a Shorkie
14. Where Mr. Khan lives
16. A little pup from Alicante
17. Nina’s new brother
18. a Sun Conure
19. three pretty ladies
20. Tiny Girl’s sweetheart
21. Darcy’s new sister
23. a cockatiel from Canada
24. Dogpawfile’s comedian
25. Christmas in ____
28. Peco’s cousin
1. Another Peco
2. Harry’s brother
4. the alpha dog
5. Her Mommy cooks all her food
6. A big pup from Alicante
7. Mr. Khan’s true love
8. four pound chihuahua
9. found in the streets of Chicago
12. the best sweaters ever
13. her Daddy draws really well
15. Ask Doctor _______
21. Storm and Nina
22. a white rabbit
26. Building a new house
27. Moderators


One response to “Dogpawfile Crossword Puzzle

  1. What a great idea! thanks for sharing!!

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