World’s Oldest Dog Passes Away

The Colorado Canines sent this in; they found it on MSNBC.

Chanel, reportedly the world's oldest dog, has died.

Chanel, reportedly the world's oldest dog, has died.

MNSBC: Chanel, the wirehaired dachshund who held the Guinness World Record for oldest dog, died Aug. 28, PEOPLE Pets has learned. The pooch celebrated her 21st birthday on May 6 — that’s 147 in dog years, according to the Guinness Web site.

Earlier this year, the dog’s owners, Karl and Denice Shaughnessy of Port Jefferson Station, N.Y., said that the canine, who wore sunglasses for cataracts but was otherwise in good health, still had plenty of pep.

“While I go to work she sleeps all day until I come home and then when I get20home she is like a ball of fire,” Denice told U.K.’s Telegraph.

But, just like humans of a certain age, Chanel occasionally had senior moments. “Sometimes I will find her walking around at night and I have to give her a little snack and then she goes back to bed,” her owner, Denice told the Telegraph.

In other interviews, Denice, who adopted the dog in 1988, said that treats from privately owned dog food company Dogswell contributed to the dog’s longevity.

“We were saddened to learn of Chanel’s passing on Friday evening,” Marco Giannini, founder and chief executive officer of Dogswell told PEOPLE Pets in a statement. “Our team at Dogswell had built a great bond with Chanel, as well as her owners, who show great love and care for their pets. We were thankful to have had some part in making Chanel’s life a little more comfortable and enjoya ble. As the World’s Oldest Dog, Chanel touched many lives and inspired pet owners around the globe. She will be missed.”


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  2. Chanel was NOT the world’s oldest dog. A “terier mix” named Max, owned by Janelle DeRouen of New Iberia, Louisiana, born on August 9, 1983, celebrated his 26th birthday last month.

    Janelle says Max is in remarkably good shape. He suffers from cataracts, so he wears doggie goggles when he’s out in the sun, and a touch of arthritis has slowed him down, but not by much.

    You can read more about Max and see his photo at

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