Meet Sandy and Saje!

There are many talented, artistic members of Dogpawfile, and many members who have rescued their pets from horrible situations. The newest such member is Sandy, Saje’s “Mommy.” Sandy found her way to Dogpawfile through Pat and Pat’s therapy dogs, Chopper, Teah, and Panzer. Dogpawfile Magazine caught up with Sandy to find out more about Saje, and about Sandy’s beautiful artwork. We were so impressed by her craftsmanship and talent that we simply had to share it with you! In her own words, Sandy now introduces herself, and tells us Saje’s story

Meet Saje and Sandy!

Meet Saje and Sandy!

“We found out about Dogpawfile through Pat Kinch and her therapy dogs,” Sandy writes.”What a wonderful person Pat is to do what she does with her beautiful dogs! When we came to Dogpawfile, we were so welcomed with open arms that it was overwhelming! We are glad we joined the site because we have made so many great friends, and hope we all stay one big, happy family for a very long Time!

Saje is an American Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier. He is a mix, but all Bully. My husband and I adopted Saje from a shelter; someone had thrown him in a ditch when he was a couple of weeks old, and left him there to die. A man found him and took him to the shelter. He was on borrowed time there, having pit bull in him. A lady from the shelter brought him into the job I had at that time, and I just fell head over heels in love with him! He looked like a little baby polar bear. They had named him Cuddles, which was changed to Saje. Saje just did not look like a Cuddles! I made arrangements to take my husband to see him, and that was all it took. When Saje and his new Daddy met, it was so emotional between them, with so much love that we adopted him right there, and have loved him more than any other animal we have ever had. Saje has returned the love so much in our lives. Saje has even saved me from being attacked by a fox! He saved my life. I guess that was in return for saving his!

Saje is seven years old, and 120 pounds. He is loving, loyal, funny, happy, and whatever else you can think of to describe the best dog in the world! He is a very hard working dog. He helps carry and bring in the wood. When his Daddy comes home from work, Saje will carry his shirt on his back. He loves to ride in the wagon to get corn from the field, and will pretty much do anything you ask of him. He is a very smart dog. He has learned to say I love you, and can say the word out. He loves to play and swim. Just a very happy dog! We live on a farm that we have rented for twelve years. We have a wonderful landlord that Saje thinks the world of. He is in his 80s. This is the best place in the world to raise this type of dog. He is surrounded by horses, and cows, and doesn’t bother them, or the neighbors or their animals.

My name is Sandy, and I am Saje’s Mommy. I am a homemaker, and an avid animal lover. I am an artist – not a famous one, but would like to be recognized by the art world someday! I realized when I was very young that I was pretty good at drawing animals and just about anything anyone could ask me to draw. Then I started to paint different objects and pictures, and it just went from there. Now I do charcoal sketches of anything, mainly animals. I do paintings on anything from pottery to mirrors, glass, mailboxes, signs, and even toilet seats. I either hand-paint them, or air brush them, which is a technique I am still learning a lot about. I also design and make plate lawn animals or anything that you would like for your lawn. I do make to order, and sell my crafts. Cows are one of my favorite things to draw and paint. I just love cows! My husband has worked on a few dairy farms in our 32 years of marriage, and I always thought a cow was so pretty. I have been collecting cows for about eleven years now, and have a collection of over 800 cow-related items! I even had to start taking inventory of my collection. My living room, kitchen, bathroom, and front porch are covered with cows. It is like having my own little cow heaven! Ever holiday, I receive a lot of cows. I could start my own cow store if I wanted!”

Thank you, Sandy, for letting us get to know you and Saje. And welcome to Dogpawfile! Now, everypawdy, check out Sandy’s beautiful artwork!

Sandy sketches in charcoal.

Sandy sketches in charcoal.

This handsome fellow is about the size of Saje.

This handsome fellow is about the size of Saje.

Patriotic "moo-moo!"
Everything is a canvas to Sandy!

Everything is a canvas to Sandy!

Even toilet seats!

Even toilet seats!

Before: a diamond-metal work in progress.

Before: a diamond-metal work in progress.

After: An artistic masterpiece!

After: An artistic masterpiece!

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10 responses to “Meet Sandy and Saje!

  1. Harbor & Jodie

    Thank you, Sandy & Saje for sharing your story with us. Sounds like Saje found the pawfect forever home!

  2. It is such a pleasure to get to know the person behind the dog! Saje has been such a welcome addition to our on line family



  4. Liberty and Justice

    We are so happy that Saje and Sandy are here! And it is so nice to meet the pawents of all our pups!

  5. Chena and Princess

    What a touching story!! We love hearing stories how dogs found their people! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Great story! and what a great artist!!

  7. Saje has found the pawfect family and the family has found the pawfect furry, You both are Beautiful to us !!! Sandy you sure have talent !! xoxoxo

  8. The Special K's

    Above commemt is not anonymous, we forgot to type in name … BOL The Special K’s

  9. Maddie and Bailey

    What a great story!!!!! Thanks fur sharing! xoxox We are so happy to meet y’all!!!

  10. Twinkle & Skye

    Sandy, you and Saje are perfect together ~it was meant to be!!! I enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your wonderful artworks!

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