Savor Summer with Millie’s Menu!

Millie has just finished another masterpiece! She has discovered a way to savor summer’s end: Pupsicles! She has named this recipe after her pal, Plum.


A dainty Pupsicle!

A dainty Pupsicle!

    Ingredients for Plum’s Pupsicles

1 quart orange juice (or any juice, except NO GRAPE JUICE!!!!)

1 banana, mashed

½ cup PLAIN yogurt

1. Mix all the ingredients in a container with a spout for easy pouring. Pour the blend into ice cube trays…or whatever you have on hand. (We used plastic cups.)

2. Freeze until firm. Run warm water around the edges to loosen and pop out onto a plate for serving. Let them eat this outside. I chopped mine up into easier to handle pieces.

Chef Millie says: Yummy Yummy in my fat tummy!

Chef Millie says: Yummy Yummy in my fat tummy!

~ Millie

This recipe comes from the book ”Real Food for Dogs” by Arden Moore

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3 responses to “Savor Summer with Millie’s Menu!

  1. Twinkle & Skye

    oh they are going to love this! thank you Millie!

  2. Liberty and Justice

    How much easier can it get! We will have to try this!



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