The Twinkle Effect


Twinkle regales us with autumn poetry!

Twinkle regales us with autumn poetry!

The Seeking Shadows

Searching for autumn
In this latitude
Is more about my fortitude
As I lay my ear to hear
Approaching autumn’s footsteps near,
Treading softly on their path
Hard to hear o’re summer’s laugh.

Stretching thinly `cross the realm
My need for autumn surveys the elm.
I crave for watercoloured leaves
For to sooth my own selfish peeves.
I join the seeking shadows
Over mountains, over meadows,
Twirling with life’s echoes.
~ Lynn Korbel


Autumn Enchantment

Shadows stretch across the land,
Reaching for our future,
Marking time with their hand,
Granting pause to all of nature.
Touching trees, grass, all living things;
Bidding us to rest.
And birds extend feathered wings,
Leaving behind their nest.

Hear the song the north wind sings,
Of the iciness in her breast,
Of the snow her passion will incite
Upon this breath-filled night.

The birds have flown, the leaves doth fall.
We gather closer to the firelight;
Hearing a lone bird call,
And bless his flight tonight.
~ Sibylla

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3 responses to “The Twinkle Effect

  1. Liberty and Justice

    Your poetry is Mind candy!

  2. Harbor & Jodie

    You have captured Autumn’s essence in words.



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